How Technology Changed University Education?

Technology has a huge impact on our everyday life nowadays, and education is no exception. Some classrooms still look the same as they used to, the teachers hold lectures from a podium found in the front of the room, and the students sit in a row. But the difference is that they used to look at books, and now you can find modern students looking at their tablets, smartphones, or laptops instead of books. 

Nowadays, technology has made education accessible to almost every student who can’t afford expensive tuition or living on campus. As we all may agree, technology is very helpful in every aspect of students’ lives. And some technology essay examples state that the internet offers an enormous archive of information that students can access with just a few clicks. And having access to the internet can make it possible for everyone to study at an online university or online course to learn a profession, or get an additional certification, like PALS for medical professionals for example, and be successful even without a regular university degree. 

There is no arguing with the fact that both statements are right. This technological globalization brings many benefits to students around the world. The following are the benefits and of using technology in education:

The Benefits of Technology 

  • Technology Motivates students.
  • Creates better communication between teachers and parents. 
  • Students develop an essential skill for the 21st century. 
  • It offers new ways of learning.
  • It offers easy access to everything. 
  • Creates easy ways for student-teacher communication. 

What Technology Brings to Education

Technology continues to evolve and has definitely made some huge changes in the education system. The static models were completely removed from schools, and students and teachers now use simulation software to see dynamic model characteristics. Also, when it comes to classes such as geography, instead of looking at pictures, students use software such as google earth and google maps. Many classic books were even replaced with e-books. Digital field trips, historical expeditions, and even science experiments are made with technology in a way that a book could never do. 

The internet offers so many new learning ways to the students. They can now research any possible topic online, and that changed the ritual of going to the library to get a book and find something specific.  

 Technology also changed the student’s activities outside of the classroom. They used to go over each other’s houses to study but now, thanks to software, they create online groups, virtual communities, or web pages where they study together. If they have a hard time dealing with a specific subject, they can just find an online course. The classroom walls are no longer a barrier thanks to technology because now students can easily work together, learn and communicate through the internet. 

Students’ success with technologies in education is significantly better compared to the students who don’t use technology. Students usually use laptops and smartphones, although many other tech tools are used to speed up the learning process, such as smart pens, digital textbooks, tech backpacks, smart lights, virtual keyboards, noise-canceling headphones, etc. 


Technology in the education sphere is considered the most powerful tool that transformed but also supported the education system. It opens many doors for many students. It introduces them to new experiences and gives them more opportunities. And it also gives opportunities to students who can’t study at expensive universities to study online.