How Technology Is Shaping The Future Of Logistic Industry?

Technology is playing a crucial role in every aspect of the world including business. With the help of technology, it is possible to grow at an unprecedented level and this holds true for even the logistic industry which is actively using a wide variety of technology that it is possible to receive a parcel within 24 hours. The one-day delivery of Amazon is the perfect example to show how the logistics industry has grown to meet the demanding requirement of the customers. Technology in the logistics industry is playing a key role in increasing productivity in the logistics industry. Here is how technology is shaping the logistic industry. 

1. Shipment Tracking Systems 

For the past few years, when a customer parcels a courier, they are provided with an estimated delivery date and this is possible through technology like the internet and advanced software. Courier services like YunExpress allow its customer to check the real-time status of the shipment improving the user experience of the user by saving them from the agony of wondering when they will receive their parcel. Such technology is not only beneficial for the customers but also for the companies like ePacket as it helps manage the shipment in a much-sophisticated manner. 

2. Autonomous Trucks And Drones

Even though autonomous trucks and drones are not used widely in the logistic industry at the current time, they will soon become mainstream. Companies like Uber and Tesla are working on creating autonomous trucks which when successful will be commercially used at a large scale. Autonomous trucks and drones will totally change the way how a courier or parcel is shipped. It will automatically enhance the efficiency of the entire delivery process. Amazon is working rigorously with drone development and even though it is still in the development stage, the day is not far away when it will be a reality for many people. 

3. Social Media 

The way communication takes place has also changed for the world. The power of social media is also visible for the logistic industry. Social media platforms for an easy way for customers to connect with logistic companies. Further, a proper promotion and marketing strategy in the social media platforms can result in huge sales for any company. Many customers in the current date prefer to get their problems solved directly from social media accounts. Also, social media is feared. A negative review about the service provided by a particular courier company can impact its popularity and therefore, the chances to get a problem resolved when complained on social media platforms increases highly. 

4. Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial Intelligence especially when used with Machine Learning can create a cushion for a logistic company by predicting the market fluctuation. Artificial Intelligence is used by logistic companies to improve the efficiency of the supply chain and further cut lazy costs by accurate prediction. 

5. Robotics 

Logistic Robotics has highly increased the efficiency and accuracy of supply chain operations. The efficiency of any logistic company increases when the work is managed by both robots and humans. It was previously predicted that robots will replace humans in the logistics industry but the current evidence is presenting a totally new picture. Robots are working in harmony with humans to improve productivity. 

6. Data Analytics 

Data Analytics can be used to improve the efficiency of the warehouse, manage performance and for proper use of the resources available. For instance, data analytics can be used to gather data for tracking location and predicting weather which can be helpful for a logistic company to plan the delivery and route of the shipment. 

7. Warehouse Automation 

The reduction of human intervention in warehouses can be used for reducing human errors in warehouses. The warehouse automation can be used to improve productivity, performance and speed of the functionalities that are carried out within a warehouse. 

To ensure profitability which can come by improving the user experience of the customer, it is important for the logistic industry to keep them updated with the latest technology that is available to them. Further, it is important to keep an eye on the disruption in the business to increase adaptability. The logistic industry is growing and with the help of technology, it will further see rapid growth in the coming times.