How to Enhance Gaming Experience on Your Mac

Playing games on your laptop is an excellent way to pass the time and have fun with friends. But unfortunately, you may be experiencing some hitches like lagging when playing your favorite games, and that can be pretty frustrating.

To enable you to have fun on your Mac with fewer hitches, we’ve put together some tips to enhance your computer’s gaming performance.


Increase your computer’s memory

Most games come with minimum system requirements. One of these requirements is always hard disk space. Have you tried playing that bad-ass 3D game only to get a “The disk is full” error? There is hardly anything else more annoying. But the reason you see “the disk is full” is because there’s not enough space anymore. Take some time to delete irrelevant videos, apps, and games to free up some space. You’ll find your current games to run more smoothly than they used to.


Clear your desktop

Your Mac has to keep those icons you see on your desktop screen running at all times to enable quick preview. And having hundreds of photos and documents running on your desktop at the same time will slow up your Mac and make gaming uninteresting. Hence, take some time to declutter your desktop.


Ensure only the game is running

If other apps – perhaps YouTube (for gaming tricks) – are running alongside your game, the RAM gets too much work and can’t dedicate all its capacity to the game. The result is your game lagging. Use the OS X Activity Monitor to see which apps are running on your Mac and how much RAM space they consume. Close any apps you don’t need while running your game.


Restart your Mac

If you’re the type that prefers to leave their Mac asleep when not in use, try restarting your computer at least once a day. When a laptop sleeps, apps still run in the background, and the RAM may get suffocated over time. So restarting will help to ultimately refresh the system.


Upgrade your hardware

Again, you may not be having an optimal gaming experience simply because your hardware doesn’t meet the game’s recommended system requirements. So check your hardware, and if there are any lapses, you can get a hardware upgrade to meet up to spec. If you’ve been seeing “the disk is full” error all too frequently, then it may be time to upgrade to a bigger HDD if there are no more irrelevant files to delete.

A hardware upgrade will cost you but can make your fun time more enjoyable.


Upgrade your RAM

Every running app gets stored in the RAM until it is closed. How accommodating your RAM is therefore plays a crucial role in your gaming experience.

Some lower-end games are good enough with 4GB RAM. But if you’re looking to enjoy some power gaming, then you may need to upgrade to 8GB or above. Getting a bigger RAM will always help if you find your Mac running slow.


Bottom Line

To enjoy gaming on your Mac, you want to ensure your hardware meets up to the game’s recommended system requirements and that there’s enough dedicated space in your RAM and HDD to accommodate the smooth running of the game.