How to Fix a Minecraft Remote Connect Error

Ever been in that situation where you’re playing Minecraft and right in the middle of the game you get a message saying “An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host” or you get a “” error link on your screen.

After receiving an error like this, it can put a stop to your whole gaming session and that can be all too annoying at times, especially when you’re trying to connect to the Minecraft server. This is a Java error which can be caused for several reasons including: the firewall blocking connection; your internet connection; or it might be a router-related issue.


How Can You Fix the RemoteConnect issue in Minecraft?

Change server view distance

You can lower the view distance on servers to see if it works. Here are the steps on how you can change the server view distance:

  • Stop the server if it is currently running
  • Tap on Files
  • After that, select Configuration files and then you will need to select Server Settings
  • Click on the View Distance option and then set it to 4
  • Save these settings and then restart the server to see if that works.

You may even lower the player’s render distance to improve server performance. That can be done in the game’s video settings.


Reinstall Java and Minecraft

Sometimes, you may receive these types of errors because the Java versions are incompatible. We suggest you uninstall and then re-install the updated version of Java to fix this issue.

It might also be better if you reinstall the game since you may be getting such errors due to old configuration files. Try to reinstall both and check if your problem is fixed.


Restart Remote Play

It is quite easy to start remote play on your device. We recommend users check RemoteConnect Issue fix ( from


Turn off the Windows Firewall

Another reason might be that the firewall is creating issues with your connection. You may try to turn it off to see if that helps. These are the steps to turn it off:

  • Firstly, tap on Start and open up the Settings
  • After that, open the Updates and Security section and then tap on Windows Security option from there
  • Go to Firewall and network protection and then click on your current network
  • Turn off the Firewall and once it is disabled, try to relaunch Minecraft and then try to connect to the server.


Check your network for issue

Sometimes it may be that the problem is with your network. So, it is better if you try to reset your home network.

Unplug your modem and restart it. Wait for the lights to show up properly and then try to reconnect it after your computer is connected to your internet connection.


Change the IPv4 DNS address

It might be that your DNS address may be causing you issues with your game servers. So, it is better if you can try changing it. To change it, follow these steps:

  • Firstly, you need to open the Control Panel and then you will need to tap on Network and Internet
  • After that, tap on Change Adapter Settings and then you will have to right-click on your network adapter to open the Properties
  • Then you need to scroll down and double tap on Internet Protocol Version 4
  • Then you have to select Use the following DNS server addresses option from there and then enter ‘’ in the Preferred field and then you need to enter in ‘’ in the Alternate DNS server field
  • Tap on OK to save the changes.

Once you have done everything successfully, restart the server to see if the error is resolved.



If you receive this error message, that means there is a problem with the network connection from your computer to the Minecraft server. This problem is sometimes quite hard to find and even harder to fix it. Sometimes this issue might be a temporary issue which fixes itself. If it doesn’t fix itself, you can try the steps which we have mentioned above to fix it.