How to Get 1000 Subscribers on YouTube: Effective Tips & Tricks

Getting 1000 YouTube subscribers can be an easy task if you know the right strategy. This number is the main one that you will have to operate as you work on your growth on this platform. Of course, there is always a quick method to get 1k subs: you can buy them. But purchasing YouTube subscribers isn’t the end of your work – after you buy 1000 followers, you have to keep working on attracting another 1000 organically and also retain the ones you already got. So, each hack is incredibly valuable for you in your growth. In this article are collected the most effective and free tips that can help you to enhance your progress and get your first benefit with each 1000 subs on YouTube coming. 

Maintain The Consistency 

One of the vital aspects of YouTube when it comes to expanding your fanbase is a consistent schedule of uploading the content to your profile. Frequent posting lowers the risk of users unsubscribing, hence you will begin growing. The posting plan can vary according to the niche you occupy, but in general, it is recommended to aim for 2-3 videos in a week, although for lifestyle vlogs it would be even better to load one video in a day. However, beginners often cannot deal with such activity, so the best position to start from is loading videos to your channel once a week. It is also important to remember that quality values more than quantity, and if you feel that the current schedule hurts your productivity, the best decision is to load content less often, but still keeping a consistent balance between releases. 

Make A Great Trailer

To make users subscribe to your channel, you must present it to them in the most attractive way and a channel trailer is one of the perfect tools to do that. Impress your potential followers with a juicy and engaging video that illustrates all your benefits. The trailer is exposed on the homepage of your profile and usually is autoplaying, so a hack to remember: don’t start with your trailer with loud and sudden sounds. Focus on explaining to your viewers, what they should expect on your channel and why they should subscribe. You can also mention how often you are releasing new content. 

Use Calls To Action

However surprising it may be, asking your viewers directly is one of the most effective methods for increasing your subscriber count. Include gentle reminders to like, share your content, and follow your channel in each video you create. To motivate your audience, explain how valuable their activity is for you, and that getting more engagement and better progress on YouTube motivates you to create more content.

Introduce Easy Ways To Subscribe 

Along with the motivation for the audience, make the process more simple for them. You can use YouTube Studio, for implementing a subscribe button right into your video, so nothing would take the attention of the viewer from the content they are watching. In complexity with the right call to action, this technique gives you an opportunity to raise your statistics much faster. Remember that this isn’t a commercial on tv, so make your reminders visually delicate and small, and make sure they don’t cover anything important throughout your video. 

Work On The Thumbnails

Thumbnails are small, but they play a huge role in your growth on YouTube. In fact, this is the first thing that will help you to reach 1000 subscribers to your channel and even more. Basically, thumbnails present your video to a potential viewer, their task is to catch the attention and make users choose your video before the others in search results. Here are versatile tips for creating a good thumbnail for your vids:

  • Always use custom thumbnails 
  • Keep a consistent design
  • Use mild colors and mix in some bright spots 
  • Don’t overload your image with details, due to the tiny size users may not be able to see them well
  • Include a short CTA that gives a clue about your content 
  • Try to implement at least one relevant keyword in the text module of your thumbnail 
Come Up With Searchable Titles

A title is one of the important instruments to gain more subscribers fast. YouTube algorithms operate video titles for building up search results as well, so you should never neglect the impact your titles have on the system. Besides, users also read them attentively, especially when they are looking for something specific. To create a successful title, concentrate on the intent you put in the video and try to explain why users should watch your video. 

Create Playlists

Uniting your videos to playlists according to the topic or any other feature is what makes your content look well organized, pleasing to the eye, and easy to discover for users. Constantly uploading new episodes to your playlists increases the chance to gain more subscribers. In fact, many people are checking out your playlists as soon as they click on your channel. Seeing materials organized accurately and consistently enriched with new videos, motivates them to follow your channel because that’s how users evaluate your activity on the platform. 

Connect With Your Audience 

YouTube is a social media in the first place, which is why a key to reaching 1000 YouTube subscribers, again and again, is paying a lot of attention to the ones you already have. As it was mentioned in the previous paragraph, when people decide they want to follow you on YouTube they will check you out from many angles. And one of the main criteria that play a huge part for them, is your activity and engagement provided in the communication. Be proactive with your audience and the result will come instantly. People like to see that a blogger pays attention to what they say and reacts genuinely and sincerely, making them involved in his or her life and work. So, make sure that your audience feels that you care about them. 

Attract New Subscribers From Other Networks

Cross-promotion is a huge assistance in getting new subs for your channel. The secret of success is simple: provide exclusive content for each platform that you occupy and leave links that make your other social profiles easy to reach. Announce your plans for the next video and use other networks to collect feedback about your previous one and ideas for new content. Also, try to keep an active communication on each network, however keeping the topics distinct from each other. This difference can be a good reason for users to follow you on different platforms. 


Expanding your influence on YouTube is impossible without a gradual increase of subscribers on your channel. A bigger audience is a bigger assistance in your further growth. But you shouldn’t focus on getting more and more subs all the time. The growth of your audience is a result of your work, so you must concentrate on improving the quality of your content and retaining users that already follow you. And don’t forget the engagement rate, which improves your position in ratings of YouTube and promotes your materials in search results. Proper SEO optimization is assisting in getting more subs as well.