How to Increase Productivity As a Web Developer

Our level of productivity determines our input at work, so to ensure we keep growing professionally, we should learn new and efficient processes to help us get our job done faster. As a web developer, you spend most of your time in front of a screen, making it difficult for you to socialize, find a wife or develop a hobby. And since you are busy tending to work, you may not want to add extra things to your life that may split your attention.

But do you know that you can be a top-level web developer and still have time for other things? All you need to do is to increase your productivity level. To be more productive, you need to make specific lifestyle changes and leverage productivity tools. This article will discuss the different approaches to increasing productivity as a web developer and improving your craft.

1. Utilize web development frameworks

Frameworks make it easy for web developers to have a modular approach to web development. Frameworks are essential for productivity because you always edit them to fit your needs instead of following a rigid template that doesn’t let you change much. However, the codes of frameworks are written using some of the best coding rules, with top developers scrutinizing them for any flaws. So instead of coding from scratch or using design templates, use a framework to achieve your results faster.

2. Have a library of code snippets

Building a collection of your frequently used and favorite code snippets is another excellent strategy for increasing productivity. After creating your library, ensure that you organize the codes to easily find them, instead of shuffling through a sea of codes whenever you need to tweak something, thereby wasting time. Also, you can use Git, which allows you to see how your code has evolved in your career, thereby helping you track your growth and determine where you need to improve.

3. Invest in a good web development tool

Using the right tools is non-negotiable if you are looking to rise to the top in the web development world because they can help you work effectively. As a web developer, you need a good set of development tools to reduce your work time and to increase to page speed. However, when investing in web development tools, choose tools based on your current needs rather than what seems to be the popular option in your industry at the time. These web development tools ease test-running your programs and help you spot bugs that can hinder the smooth running of our programs. Finally, they remove the ambiguity that comes with maintaining lengthy codes, thereby improving productivity.

4. Make new friends

As simple as spending time alone working on your project seems, it isn’t ideal for your social development. Sitting in front of your computer all day also has health implications as your body needs exercise to perform optimally. So to help you maintain a work-life balance, you should spend time with other people too (not just clients and other developers).

Socializing will help you get your mind off work, which will help you recharge for when you have to work again. It can also widen your circle of friends, improve your communication skills and set you up for better opportunities and bigger projects. At the very least, great friends will help you go through the challenging aspects of life as a web developer with a smile on your face.

5. Leverage tools that make your work faster and more comfortable

As a web developer, you know what it is like to deal with tight deadlines, ever-changing requirements and multiple projects at once. The job can be incredibly overwhelming and maintaining high productivity levels is almost impossible without productivity tools. For instance, time can often seem like your greatest enemy, and without deliberate systems to keep you in check, you will miss a lot of deadlines.

Fortunately, editors like Notepad++ can help you store codes so that you don’t waste time writing new ones for future projects. You can also set your work environment for comfort by getting an ergonomic chair, setting up multiple screens at eye level and using a compact keyboard to allow your elbows to rest closer to your body for more comfort while working. Then occasionally look away from the screen, get up and stretch your legs to facilitate blood circulation and keep you productive.


Web development is not a walk in the park as it requires analytical skills and time. Even if you are passionate about the profession, you likely won’t want to spend all your time doing one thing. You also deserve to explore, meet new people, and maybe settle down with a soulmate.

By increasing your productivity at work, we believe that you will deliver better quality projects and get more done in less time. You will also create more time to participate in other non-work-related activities necessary for wholesome living. So by following the productivity tips outlined in this article, you will find that life as a web developer can be so much more fulfilling than you ever imagined.