How To Make A Gaming Video Like A Pro

One of the most popular types of videos on the internet are gaming videos from popular streaming platforms like YouTube, Twitch, and more notably, Discord voice streaming channels. It is safe to say that it doesn’t require a lot to make and post gaming videos on YouTube if this niche is your forte. You may even want to create your own YouTube channel. Here are some useful tips for creating your YouTube channel. 

If you are reading this article, you are most likely a huge fan of this genre of video content. Or perhaps, you are looking for tips and tweaks on how to film gaming videos. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. 

First, you need a computer, a couple of other accessories, and several favorite titles. 

Now, continue reading as we guide you through how to start making gaming videos like a professional.


Record Your Gameplay

For the best quality gameplay videos, you must record your gaming session “in-screen.” Recording your gameplay usually provides the best visuals and often gives you the option to record up to QuadHD and 144hz. Regardless, if you are looking to game mainly on a PC or a console, this could mean fairly easy or hard to do. 

For PCs, Windows10 presents an option to screen record your gameplay using the Windows Game Bar feature. To activate this, all you need to do is press the Windows key together with the letter G to initiate this on game launch. However, if you are also a PC user, you are not limited to this option. This is because you can always easily download free screen recorders such as OBS to make your recording a lot easier. 

Making use of a console would also vary with the kind of screen recording software which would be available for you to use. For a PS4 console, it is almost seamless to screen record gameplay as all you need to do is press the share button twice and it starts to record your screen. An Xbox One and the Series X, on the other hand, have a menu option that allows you to press the view button. What this view button does is that it gives you the option to select “Record now” which allows you to record for a short period. However, if you want to record for up to an hour, it is advised that you slot in an external hard drive. 


Equipment Needed To Make A Gaming Video Like A Pro

In filming gaming videos or gameplay videos, some equipment is needed. 

The basic necessities include a microphone, a camera, and video editing software. This equipment is discussed more extensively below. We also include some of the best editing software for YouTube gaming: 

PS4 or Xbox One



video software


PS4 or Xbox One

These are simply the video game consoles that you use to play and create the videos. The one you choose depends solely on your preference. 


There are a couple of factors to consider when getting a microphone to make gaming videos. Some of these factors include your budget, and the place where you want to make these videos, amongst others. As regards your budget, setting up a microphone could be expensive depending on the type you want to get. This is why it is important to have a budget or a plan when going to purchase your microphone, so you don’t go over your budget and have nothing left for the remaining equipment needed to set up your gaming videos. 

It is also important to take into consideration the extra sounds emanating from the place you would be recording. For example, recording gameplay in a house with kids, pets, or a room with a lot of echoes or an air conditioning unit would mean that you have to put these things into consideration before taking it. This is to avoid a situation where you purchase a microphone that would pick up all of that extra noise. Two things would likely occur. First, you would not get the right sound that you require to make good gaming videos, and secondly, you would have wasted money that could be used to purchase the actual microphone needed for this. It is advised that if you have a lot of background sound where you would be making gaming videos, go for a dynamic microphone as these types of microphones block out external noise. 

For the content of your gameplay, the type of microphone you would get also largely depends on whether you would be adding commentaries to the video or just normal screenplay all through the entire video.



There are a lot of options when looking for a camera to make gaming videos. It is important to note that a camera being expensive does not make it a good one or one which is suitable for making gaming videos. 1080p cameras, as well as a wide field of view cameras, are highly recommended when recording gaming videos. This is because they cover a wide view and you could also get it at affordable prices. However, if you cannot afford a camera immediately and still want to record your face while playing the game, you could use your webcam. Sadly, there are staggering differences between both cameras; the latter was designed for conferences in office space while the former was designed to shoot nice footage. A camera gives you control over your pictures, effects, and lenses.


Video Software

If you are wondering how to make gameplay videos, you will have a great need for video editing software. 

There are a bunch of free-to-use and paid premium affordable video editors on the web we have the likes of. Davinci Resolve and Movavi are among them. While editing your gaming videos, to make them more attractive, you could add effects, background music, or even texts if you want. However, this should not be so excessive as to take away the attention of your viewers from the main purpose of your gaming video. This would make them lose interest and move on to the next best gaming videos they can find. As much as aesthetics is important while recording gaming videos, it is much better to do things in moderation and avoid an excessive show of colors and effects.

Having answered the question of how to make gaming YouTube videos, and how to make gaming videos on PCs, it is important to set guidelines or give some sort of direction for posting. Below are some tips for posting gaming videos on YouTube.


Creating A YouTube Video Thumbnail

As basic as this may look, it is important to note that you have to create an attractive YouTube video thumbnail for your gaming video. What this does is that it increases the number of viewers you get. This can easily be achieved from most picture editing software on the web. You could make a thumbnail with popping background colors or a really attractive picture of you in the video you are posting. This is sure to attract more views. 


Including the Link To Your Channel As Well As Other Posts

This is also a very simple way of increasing the number of your subscribers. By using the annotation feature on YouTube, you can place clickable links to your other videos as well as your channel in that same gaming video. This makes it easier for people to click on the subscribe button and also to turn on post notification. 


Final Thoughts

 The answer to the question of how to make a gaming video like a pro is one that is frequently asked by video game enthusiasts. It is, therefore, necessary to add that one has to have a passion for this venture as it is not an easy task to start a youtube channel and be consistent with it. However, the pros start to outweigh the cons once you begin making money from doing something you love.