How to Reduce Ping When Gaming

Online games have been a major source of entertainment during this pandemic. With the outbreak of this virus, people have been forced to stay at home and often play online games after a hectic day of meetings, online classes, or completing assignments.

However, the major problem faced by online gamers is the ping. But what exactly is ping?

Ping is the time it takes for data to travel from your PC or gaming console to the game server. It can be a major problem when you’re playing online games which can cause an interruption in between the matches, and that’s frustrating. 

Therefore, we will be sharing the 3 best working tips to reduce ping with you all. 

3 Ways to Reduce Ping in Online Gaming

Solution 1: Wired Over Wireless Connections

A wireless connection is easy to manage but has disadvantages as well. One of them is latency, which is the time taken for the data to reach its destination. While playing online games, a lot of data is required to load the in-game assets.

Therefore, you should prefer connecting your device with the router directly using an ethernet cable, which reduces the ping and latency, resulting in a better connection. 

Based upon personal experience, I used to play CS: GO while my PC was connected to WiFi, but recently I purchased an ethernet cable and connected it directly to my PC via a router, and I could see a drastic improvement in ping. You can check the before and after results on

Solution 2: Use an Encrypted Network

Another solution to fix the ping issues is by encrypting your network, let’s discuss it in detail. 

Sometimes internet service providers may intentionally decrease your bandwidth, or create trouble in your network so that you request them for a service or upgrade the plan, both of which are chargeable. 

In order to test whether your ISP is really doing this or not, get hold of a gaming VPN, and connect to any server in your region, if you see a change in your internet speed, there are high chances that your ISP is messing up with your internet connection.

A reliable gaming VPN service will change your IP address and make it difficult for the ISP to play with your network speed. Moreover, there are multiple benefits of using a gaming VPN, one of them is that you can connect to a server that is closer to that of your game. 

Suppose you are playing PUBG on the Asia server while you stay in North America. You can simply connect to a server that is based in Asia and see an improvement in your gaming experience. 

Solution 3: Change Game settings

Online games require a lot of data to run smoothly, and if you are not too fond of an ultra-high-quality gaming experience then you should do some tweaks in your game’s settings. 

First of all, online games tend to load assets and scenes from their own server using your internet. If you have kept the graphic settings are ultra or high, a lot of data will be required to download the assets, and as you are facing ping issues, the time taken to download the assets will be higher. 

So, go to your game settings and change the graphic quality to medium or low, hit save to apply the changes, and now enter any match to experience the changes. This solution sounds like you are making a sacrifice, but that’s the only way you can enjoy the game right now with your friends rather than arguing with the ISP.

In the end…

These are the best tips to reduce ping significantly as there’s no point in changing your router or system when the root cause of the problem is from the ISP’s end.

Most of the ISPs recommend using an ethernet cable to reduce ping and that’s also the best solution, but to test whether your connection is not being throttled, get a gaming VPN and connect to a different server to check if there’s something fishy or not.