How to Select The Best Online Reputation Management Service Provider

Many things can damage your company’s reputation, ranging from bad reviews and mistaken identity to deliberate attacks. A damaged reputation isn’t good for your business if you want to make sales and attract new customers. That’s why you may need to hire a reputation management service to protect your brand and repair its damaged reputation.

The right ORM company can help you clean your brand’s online image through an online reputation management software.  Apart from that, they can also help you build and maintain a positive online presence that gives your company an accurate image. ORM firms go about this in various ways, including creating positive online content through microsite and blog posts, refreshing social media posts, and building positive reviews and feedback for products and services. 

However, before hiring an ORM firm, you need to determine if you need it. This article will help you to decide whether you need to hire an ORM firm or not. 


The Importance of ORM Services To Your Company

In the current internet age, it’s easy to spread propaganda and fake news about a company. Worse still, bad news becomes viral more quickly than good news does. Most people who read such news don’t always take the time to investigate whether this information is based on facts or not, and they do not understand the circumstances surrounding the release of such news. To ensure only the good or neutral news gets featured on the top of SERPs, you need to hire an ORM service company. This company will also ensure you have a positive and robust social media presence. 


What To Expect From an ORM Service Company

Regardless of the problem you have, an ORM firm should set aside some time to discuss with you how to build your brand’s online reputation. The firm should help you develop an action plan for establishing an excellent online presence from the discussion. Because most of the planning may occur when you’re absent, they should brief you on the steps and inputs they intend to take in building your brand.

ORM firms focus on strategies that can help to bury or neutralize negative information with positive ones. This way, they provide you with a means of addressing complaints quickly and encouraging a flow of positive feedback. Once you’ve established a good reputation, they should continue to monitor the brand’s image and give you actionable advice to ensure your brand’s image is stable. Keep in mind they may charge you for each service that they offer.

Though most firms are professional in their dealings with clients, others love using black hat tactics. Such tactics include publishing fake news or stuffing keywords. It would be best if you researched to ensure you get the best ORM company that uses honest tactics of improving brand images. 


Services That ORM Firms Should Offer

There are several ways that ORM companies can help you repair a damaged reputation and maintain a positive one. Here are some of them: 

  • Online Review Management

An ORM firm needs to manage your brand’s online reviews. Online review management entails developing strategies that can encourage users to write positive comments for your company. 

Addressing customer concerns is an integral part of online review management. A good ORM company needs to manage customer’s views as they come in. When your brand receives a negative review, the ORM team should respond by addressing any complaints.

On the other hand, when it receives positive feedback, the team should respond quickly by appreciating and showing that your brand values customer’s feedback. The response should be balanced and shouldn’t only be for complaints alone. 

  • Public Relations

One of the services an ORM firm should offer your business is PR. Public relation crises can negatively impact your brand and reduce sales. During such times, you need an ORM team that can write social media posts, put out press releases, and book interviews for you. This team should also advise you on the appropriate way to respond if a PR crisis hits your brand. These PR efforts can prevent negative information about your brand from spreading out of proportion and present it as accountable and trustworthy. 

  • Reputation Assessment

Before an ORM firm builds your brand’s reputation, it needs to analyze and understand your current image. It should do this by examining web content that talks about your brand, such as your website, and any positive and negative reviews. This assessment enables the firm to know what has been working for you and what hasn’t. From this, they can develop a strategy to help your business move forward. 

  • Search Engine Optimization

SEO is one of the most crucial elements of establishing an online presence. That is because it helps SERPs to identify and rank your business. Your brand’s site needs to have correct keywords, metadata, and headlines relevant to your target audience. This way, search engine pages like Google will push it to the top of pages where your prospective customers can easily find and read them. 

  • Content Development

To easily identify your brand, you need to churn out useful and relevant content that customers can easily associate with. When prospective customers find valuable information that addresses their needs on your site, they’re likely to purchase products and services. 

An ORM firm can help you create valuable content by writing articles, press releases, and developing relevant videos. This content should give your brand a positive outlook on the web. 

  • Social Media Management

Social media management entails establishing a strong presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These sites should present your company in the best light through updated profiles and engaging content. Through the use of social listening techniques, ORMs can monitor what’s being said about your company. This data is vital because it can help you create content that your target customers love and relate with. 

  • Online Monitoring

Monitoring can help your brand to examine customer feedback and preferences. Your ORM service company should collect data about complaints and compliments from customers and use it to address the issues affecting your brand. That data can also help you to develop strategies for improving your brand. 


How to Find The Right ORM Company

  • Online Ratings

Before settling on an online reputation management service provider, you need to know the negative, positive, and neutral information about it. You can get this information by checking business complaint sites and social media pages. What other people say about the firms should guide you in your selection. You want to hire a company that has high ratings.

  • Referrals

Though few reputation management companies offer referrals, you want to hire one with a proven track record. Some have shared stories of their previous clients, while others have case studies with redacted identifying information.

Calling brands that an ORM firm has worked for can help you to know how various firms work. Besides that, you also want to check the position that the ORM company occupies in SERPs. If they occupy a top spot, they may be the right choice. However, If they don’t, continue searching.  

You may also need to examine any stories that ORM companies have written for brands to check if they add value. Those that have stuffed keywords are the wrong choice. 


The Bottom-line

To ensure your business continues to make profits, it needs to have a good reputation. It’s possible to maintain it on your own, although this will involve a lot of work on your part. If you want to be more productive, it would be best to hire an ORM service provider. These points can help you find the right ORM firm that will suit your needs.