How to Start a Gaming Channel


There is nothing better than having your favorite hobby to bring you at least a small income. If you are into video games, then you are very lucky. There is a real chance to monetize the thing you like. Of course, it will be extremely difficult to make $12 million a year like PewDiePie, but you can still count on some decent income.

The Art of Monetizing Your Hobby

Playing video games is the hottest hobby of the 21st century. YouTube gaming became so popular that Google spent a million dollars buying the Twitch gaming platform. You will hardly find a person who has never tried computer games; every second Internet user spends at least a couple of hours per week playing a video game. It is no wonder that there are thousands of game channels where you can watch videos about game reviews, cheats, secrets, and winning strategies. The most interesting let’s plays manage to gain millions of views in just a few days. High user activity brings channel owners a good income from both views and ads. So how to transform your hobby into a well-paying profession? Let’s figure that out.


Secrets of Running a Successful Gaming Channel

Playing video games is not only an excellent way to attract an audience to your channel but also an option for additional income. YouTube’s most popular gamer, PewDiePie, is rumored to make up to $12 million a year from his game channel alone. According to a report from the Global Games Market, next years total revenues from let’s-play videos are expected to reach up to $107 billion.

So if you want to make money while playing your favorite video games, then you can easily do so by running a YouTube channel. However, you should keep in mind that it will take a lot of effort to make the channel popular. Here are six tips to help you launch and run a successful gaming channel.


Tip #1 – Take Care of Branding

If you want to achieve real success on YouTube, then don’t neglect branding from the very beginning of your career. Without a unique logo, an interesting splash screen, and a catchy name, your channel will not stand out from thousands of similar YouTube pages. If you already have some ideas about the channel, it won’t be difficult for you to decide on its name, logo, and cover picture.


Tip #2 – Analyze Your Competitors

Before launching a YouTube account, you need to analyze the work and performance of your competitors. Pay attention to the following:

  • Content quality;
  • Frequency of video publications;
  • The average number of views;
  • The number of subscribers;
  • Audience’s involvement.

Competitor analysis should be done monthly after you launch your channel. Remember that YouTube is a search engine, so you should always double-check the capacity of the selected segment.


Tip #3 – Post Content on a Regular Basis

Once the channel is created, it’s time to focus on the content. If you really love to play, it shouldn’t be difficult for you to record one or two short clips every day. You can even use free editing software for gaming to post top-notch quality video content every day without spending too much time on its production. It is enough to do short game reviews, share your gaming experience, tell about the bugs you have found, and other interesting things from the world of video games. The more content you create, the faster the channel will gain popularity. So you can monetize it.


Tip #4 – Ensure Content Variety

People get bored quickly if they watch videos of the same format every day or so. So your main goal is to avoid such situations. You have two options here: 1. Create highly targeted content – in this case, the channel will develop more slowly; 2. Publish a variety of videos – you will see that the number of subscribers will grow faster.

The second option is preferable, especially at the beginning of a gaming career. It will be easier for people to find what they like among a variety of content offered on your YouTube page, be it a video review of League of Legends or any other online game. You will have the opportunity to try different genres, styles and decide on the best approach to follow.


Tip #5 – Communicate with Your Audience

At the end of each video, remind people that they can subscribe to your channel and ask any questions. The number of those who have accidentally closed the browser tab and then couldn’t find the video is just huge. Having subscribed to your YouTube page, users will never miss out on a single video that you post. It is also worth asking viewers to write their opinion on the video, share their own experiences, or suggest topics for the next video posts. Thus, you will ensure effective interaction with your audience.


Tip #6 – Give Out Prizes

People love prizes. So when your channel has at least 500 active subscribers, arrange a contest with prizes. It can be timed to coincide with a holiday, the release of a new game, or the achievement of a certain number of views.


Make Your Gaming Channel Rock!

Gaming is one of the most competitive niches on the web. About 15% of all channels are somehow related to video games, and about 100 new let’s-play YouTube channels are created every day. So if you intend to enter and develop in this niche, then you need to understand how you will be different from others, what tools and strategies you will use to attract the audience and retain your subscribers. There is no magic hype pill; you should approach a channel launch and promotion thoughtfully and strategically. Analyze your competitors, create a content plan, and make a decision to launch a project only afterward.