How to Backup Your Android Phone to PC for Free

Wondering how to take full backup of your Android to PC for free? Maybe you are going to upgrade your Android phone, or want to delete part of files on Android to release the storage after doing backup. Anyway, getting the free and simple methods to back up your Android phone on the computer is your target. To give you power, this post will offer you 4 different and great solutions to easily back up the Android phone for free.

Solution 1: Do Backup with Drag and Drop

The first free backup way is using drag and drop, it is helpful for backup from Android phone to PC. Just with a USB cable, you can achieve the backup task. You can back up your music, videos, pictures, e-books, and other documents through drag and drop. And the time of backup depends on how many files you want to transfer. Although this way is slower than using a professional backup app, you still can make use of it to back up a small number of Android files.

Quick Steps:

Step 1: Use a USB cable to connect your Android phone and the PC.

Step 2: Choose the “Transfer files” option on the USB connectivity notification on the Android phone.

Step 3: Find your Android files on the PC for backup. Navigate to the “This PC” and enter your Android device. Then select the files and back up them to the PC with drag and drop. After some minutes, the backup will be finished.

Solution 2: Take Full Backup via Google Account

Google account is a nice choice for you to take full backup of your Android phone. You can conveniently back up multiple Android file types with it, once you add your Google account on the Android device. Browsing your Google account on the PC, you can download them for backup if you like.

Set up Google Backup:

Step 1: Go to the Settings app on your Android phone, and then choose the “Backup & reset”.

Step 2: Make sure you add your Google account on it. Then please toggle on the “Back up my data” to enable it.

Step 3: When the backup is over, you can sign in with the same Google account on the PC. Now, you can view and choose them to download on the computer for backup.

Solution 3: Take Backup via Bluetooth

If your PC has Bluetooth feature, you can also choose Bluetooth to take a backup of your Android phone to PC. It is a safe option to back up Android phone, but you will find that sending files from Android to PC with Bluetooth will take more time, especially when you need to back up many large size files.

Set up Bluetooth:

Step 1: Turn on Bluetooth on the Android phone. You can go to the Settings app to turn on Bluetooth.

Step 2: Switch on Bluetooth on the PC. On the PC, clicking the “Start” icon and choosing the “Settings” button, you can switch on Bluetooth after entering the “Devices” option.

Step 3: As the PC has detected your Android phone, please select the “Pair” button to make your Android phone and computer connected.

Step 4: Once done, you can select the desired files on your Android phone and transfer them to the PC via Bluetooth.

Solution 4: Back up via PC Software

The alternative free backup method is using desktop Android backup software such as MobiKin Backup Manager for Android, which is an ideal partner for you to back up your Android phone, since it can back up 8 types of files from your Android phone to the PC in 1 click, including contacts, call logs, text messages, photos, videos, music, apps and documents.

Powerfully, instead of connecting your device via USB, the Wi-Fi connection option is supported, which means you can back up your phone data wirelessly. Another thing worth commenting on is its compatibility. It can work with Android phone/tablet which is Android OS 4.0 and upper, such as Samsung, Sony, Huawei, Motorola, HTC, LG, OPPO, Xiaomi, OnePlus, Google, ZTE, and so on. The best thing? The backup feature of this tool is completely free without limitation.

Quick Backup Process:

Step 1: Download and install this Android backup manager on your PC. Then enter the software and connect your Android phone to the PC with a USB cable.

Step 2: Enable USB debugging mode on Android. It will immediately detect your cell phone. Now tap on the “Backup” icon.

Step 3: Make full backup of Android phone. Select all the categories by ticking off the first checkbox. Then click on the “Back Up” button to start the backup process.


The solutions introduced above all match your requirements, effectively solving the problem of how to take a full backup of the Android phone to the PC for free. Therefore, you can protect your precious data on the Android phone without hassle. Finally, welcome to share your ideas about backup in the discussing area.