How to Use Technology to Reduce the Impact of Social Isolation

Technology has evolved to a point where we now rely on it to communicate. Whether it’s over the phone, by video call, or through the many chat apps available, it now plays a significant role in the way we live our lives. Keeping in touch with people is an important part of living a healthy lifestyle.

As individuals, we all need a certain amount of social interaction, but some people feel anxious when connecting with others in person. Therefore, they rely on technology. The loneliness epidemic has existed long before COVID-19, and in the time of social distancing, the problem has only increased. So these days, dating sites and social platforms serve as more popular places for communication to take place. With this in mind, how can it be used to ease social interaction?


Connect With People Using Technology

Before the age of the internet, there wasn’t much of a chance for those of us who lack confidence or are shy when it comes to striking up conversation and getting to know people. Often this type of introverted personality will miss out on meeting people, making connections, networking or even finding their true soulmate. This can lead to anxiety, worry, and stress, but technology is changing all of this.

Social media platforms, dating apps and dating sites are now much more common places to meet people. In particular, dating apps and sites have really taken off in recent years because unlike traditional dating, which is often very stressful, having an online profile gives users the chance to be themselves. With a monitor or screen and the vast Internet between users, the pressure and awkwardness of in-person interactions has been completely removed.

Artificial intelligence is also providing a unique approach to alleviating social isolation and is helping to find compatible matches for people. The great thing about virtual reality is that it allows you to be whomever you wish to be – to represent yourself in an online world behind an avatar, leaving people wondering who you really are. This can be a mysterious and exciting new way to meet and interact with people and many are choosing to dip their toes in this way since there’s really no pressure to expose who you really are if you’re not ready to. And, with a lack of social interaction these days, some may find they need that gradual easing into conversations and interactions behind an avatar.

Online dating creates an equal ground where everyone’s the same. There is no judging or nastiness, just honest singles seeking connections. Therefore, people in need of social interaction can turn to web services to meet friendly folks in need of partners who love to chat daily.


Join an Online Community

The digital world has exploded in popularity, and now it’s possible to connect with others in many ways. Turn your attention to forums and hobby sites, as meeting folks who share your passion and worldview is easier on a discussion board made exclusively for your kind of people.

An online community will enable you to explore and socialize through fun conversation and without any introductions. During social isolation, it will give you the scope to explore your interests, try new things, and hold conversations with people who want to chat. A place filled with like-minded users can enable you to feel like you’re a part of something special and unique, giving you a sense of purpose at the same time. The world is expanding, and individuals can discover many different avenues to overcome a lack of social interaction.


Befriend a Robot

It’s now possible to gain companionship even from technology. With smart devices that chat with us in our homes, like Alexa, to chatbots, it’s possible to hold a conversation and train this way before interacting with people, if you’re nervous about it. Whether it’s asking your smart device about the weather, the news, or a joke, it can feel as though you are forming a relationship with someone.

Furthermore, chatbots are now extremely clever. They can now hold real-time conversations and answer questions. Or try something like AI Dungeon, generating an adventure full of characters and situations to explore. Technology is now allowing introverts or socially isolated folks to explore new opportunities to hold conversations without human interaction.


Listen to the Radio

The radio is an old invention that has been around for decades, yet it still gives us the feeling that we have people in the same room. It is unique compared to other, often more modern services because radio personalities make you feel like they are talking directly to you. This is a great way of having background noise and gives you an option when it comes to avoiding social isolation. With a whole range of radio stations available worldwide and services like Radioooo to explore it, the potential to discover new things is intriguing and exciting!


Try Online Classes 

Thinking about self-improvement? Joining online classes may help you in different ways too. Whether you are learning a language or a new skill, online classes are hugely popular. They provide you with the chance to meet and connect with people while sharing your interests. Invite your partner, or a friend to join an online class with you or try bonding with fellow classmates.

In a time of social isolation, every opportunity is golden, so don’t miss a thing.