Innovative Technologies: 6 Unique Solutions Applied in Modern SUVs

Szczecin, Poland-March 2021:Ford Mustang Mach-E, All-Electric SUV.3D illustration


SUVs are the most popular vehicles. These are great cars for driving around urban streets, and if necessary, they allow you to go out of the city. This versatility has made them in demand among travelers who often rent a car for their trips. 

Yes, today you can easily find a suitable SUV at All you need to do is fill out the search form and choose a suitable rental car for your purposes. However, whether it’s a rental or a personal SUV, this vehicle will give you confidence in every kilometer you drive. 

Have you ever wondered what kind of things are possible? That’s right, because of the advanced engineering solutions used in this car. Every modern SUV has high technology on board. Here are some great examples…

Night vision with pedestrian detection by BMW

New spotlight function for Active Night View Assist Plus: Enhanced safety for pedestrians.


Although BMW has been using night vision and pedestrian detection for several years, the latest version of this technology is even more convenient. Now both SUVs and crossovers have it on board. 

In particular, it uses proven algorithms. It enables the driver to react on time to changes in the traffic situation at night. A special system in the infrared spectrum captures a person or an animal in the dark, after which it transmits a signal to the headlights. They, in turn, illuminate the object identified on the road. Of course, this technology is not cheap, and yet every year it becomes more affordable for drivers.

360˚ Bird’s Eye View Camera by Volvo

Volvo has traditionally been considered a pioneer in the development and implementation of innovative technologies. Especially those who are responsible for the safety of the driver and passengers. One of Volvo’s latest innovations is the 360 ​​Bird’s Eye View Camera. 

The owner of such a car seems to have a third eye. Thanks to this technology, the driver can in advance detect the obstacles that lie in wait for him in front, and therefore he doesn’t need to constantly check the so-called blind spots. When it comes to parking in tight spaces, this procedure becomes much easier with a 360˚ Bird’s Eye View Camera.

GPS temperature control

Truck and SUV drivers will undoubtedly like the innovative system that allows temperature control in the vehicle interior by using information from satellites. In general, this is the same climate control, but more efficient. 

This system works as follows: first, it communicates with the nearest GPS satellites and determines the position of the car to the sun. Then special sensors located throughout the vehicle interior begin to regulate the temperature. For example, on the shady side, the system will warm up the air more intensely, but on the sunny side – more moderately.

Even though the GPS temperature monitoring system was introduced a few years ago, it will be available on SUVs and trucks that roll off the assembly line this year.

Dynamic ride system by Bentley 

Istanbul/Turkey – January 10 2018 : Bentley Bentayga is a front-engine, all-wheel drive, five-door luxury crossover SUV marketed by British car manufacturer Bentley.


Everyone is used to the fact that Bentley only produces full-size luxury cars, but every rule has an exception. A prime example of this is the Bentayga SUV. However, this car is remarkable not only because it flaunts the icon of the famous automaker. It’s equipped with dynamic ride technology. How does it work? 

Each of the wheels of the SUV has a special stabilizer. When the car moves off-road, individual shock absorbers are compressed all the time, which is why the body of the jeep is constantly in an uneven position. So, the technology from Bentley transfers some of the power to the wheels and aligns the body of the SUV. Of course, it slows down the driving process, but if the driver wants to accelerate, he can disable this system. This will increase wheel torque and make the SUV go faster.

PARKTRONIC with Active Parking Assist by Mercedes-Benz

Nowadays, you will hardly surprise anyone with such a system as parking sensors. But Mercedes-Benz has gone further. It refined this technology and applied it in its trucks and SUVs. Drivers who activate the Mercedes-Benz parking sensors will be able to quickly identify potential parking spots. The system also indicates the required direction to the wheels when the car drives past free parking spaces. It’s especially useful when parking in densely packed spaces. 

The Mercedes-Benz parking system uses 4 ultrasonic echolocation sensors, which are located at the front and rear of the car. When a car driver gets too close to an obstacle, they immediately warn him of the danger.

Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop-and-Go by Ford 

This technology was introduced relatively recently, and now it is available for many trucks and SUVs. Adaptive cruise control, developed by Ford, uses radar to monitor traffic. Its radius of action reaches 600 feet. 

When active, the system adjusts the vehicle’s speed to maintain a safe distance to the nearest vehicle. At the same time, it takes into account the current weather conditions. Unlike the first versions of the system, the current technology allows you to ignore stationary objects on the road, for example, various road signs.