Interactive Whiteboards in Schools Help to Influence Educational Progress in Today’s Youth

Young people tend to feel a sense of curiosity since childhood and are ready to absorb everything that is still unknown. These days, school lessons often lack the ingenuity to keep young people involved and enthusiastic. A lesson should be interactive, vivid, emotional, and most importantly, productive! By capturing their attention in such interactive ways, kids and young people alike will actually hold onto the knowledge being transferred to them and potentially remember it for a long time. This will become a solid foundation for further education and professional activity.

All spheres of human life are subject to the influence of innovations, but today we will talk about the sphere of education, in particular. Young people use high-tech developments with great pleasure. They are quick to learn how to install educational applications on smartphones, read electronic textbooks and encyclopedias, and search for university assignment help online. That is why teachers should change with the times and implement more technology in classrooms.

The pinnacle of blackboards development is an electronic interactive whiteboard. It looks like a regular chalkboard, but it is connected to a computer by wires or wirelessly. Special software is installed on a computer, thanks to which an interactive whiteboard becomes a full-fledged input device. Everything that will be written or drawn on its surface will be displayed on a computer screen. At the same time, an image from a computer screen will be projected onto its surface with the help of a connected projector.

The resulting interactive system provides users with unlimited possibilities for demonstrating presentations, conducting lectures and seminars. Using a school interactive whiteboard in class gives teachers many advantages, and makes lessons more efficient and interesting for students.

Interactive whiteboard features:

Functions of interactive whiteboards depend on the software installed on them. Here are the most common features:

  • Interactive whiteboards allow combining all the benefits of a classical education with high-tech possibilities. A projector connected to a whiteboard helps to work in a multimedia environment, supplementing a traditional presentation type with demonstrating information from the Internet, a computer, DVDs, flash memory, or a video camera.
  • Handwriting recognition is often available. Recorded information is stored electronically and can be printed out on a regular printer. Inscriptions and drawings can be made using colored markers, and if there is a color printer, copies will also be colored. Using color allows us to highlight information and simplify its perception significantly.
  • Users can animate, view drawings made, record lectures in real-time. It is a great brainstorming tool. All ideas written on such a board during a discussion are stored securely in a computer and can be restored if necessary.
  • A tablet connected with a whiteboard helps a teacher to maintain mobility during a lesson and interact with a class more closely.
  • Professors can conduct seminars in several cities simultaneously using online data transmission. Students can read information from their monitors or project it on a big screen for a group discussion. School headmasters no longer need to invite respectable specialists to their educational institutions because lecturers can perform remotely.

How do whiteboards change an educational process?

Lessons conducted using interactive whiteboards are more interesting and entertaining than traditional ones. They increase the level of student engagement, inspire young people and urge them to master new knowledge, and help to them to achieve learning goals.

Specialized software provides a wide range of tools and templates for an impressive material presentation, which includes: high resolution of visual materials, interrelated objects, and images, video clips, and the ability to select text frames of any color and shape. Even slow learners will not remain indifferent and will become distracted by such lessons. At some point in their lives, everyone in a classroom experiences difficulty trying to pay attention and understand the teacher’s explanations. Demonstrativeness is particularly valuable when working with persons having scattered attention spans.

Some school students may have a low level of computer literacy if they have no smartphone or laptop and write all homework by hand, but it is not difficult for them to master a whiteboard. Students have responded enthusiastically to an opportunity to work with this technology. This may be the first step to cognizing other modern technologies and gaining skills which will be of great use in colleges or universities.

After all, young people will have to type essays and send them to professors by e-mail, defend term papers and dissertations using PowerPoint presentations and the same interactive whiteboards, create different projects and models in special programs, etc.

A whiteboard helps to overcome a psychological barrier, unconscious fear and constraints students face when standing near a usual blackboard, which have effects on the learning process. Young people can reveal their abilities, talents, bright character traits easily and confidently. All disciplines become much more understandable and exciting.

Young people can improve teamwork skills with the use of such technologies in a classroom. With an interactive whiteboard screen, all students in the classroom are able to get information from one source, reflect all of their ideas and experiments on the same screen, and at the same time, receive real-time advice and feedback from their teacher during the work process. This dynamic, interactive approach is much more effective than marking papers after a lesson and conducting work on errors in the next lesson. Students may have already forgotten what wrote in their paper and why they wrote it. Therefore, it is always better to correct mistakes right away.

An important feature of using whiteboards is that the learner is placed right at the center of an educational process, and can build on their knowledge and experience based on their own individual abilities, interests and learning processes. The teacher in this case, could act as more of an assistant or consultant, encouraging original ideas, stimulating activity, initiative, and independence. This helps to educate new generations of self-sufficient people ready to make choices, undertake challenging tasks and finish what they started without the intense supervision of their superiors. Students would have higher chances of excelling in college and university and further, placing successfully in their chosen professional field.

Let’s summarize the main advantages of an interactive whiteboard:

  • It allows presenting educational material in a more accessible and understandable form.
  • It contributes to implementing a developmental learning approach, organizing research activities in a classroom.
  • It helps a teacher to get an objective picture of students’ knowledge in a short time and determine an educational strategy.
  • Young people are no longer constrained by a strict framework of a traditional educational process.
  • A whiteboard helps make lessons less formal and gets rid of any fears and barriers experienced when presenting and asking questions in front of peers.
  • Using information technologies diversifies lessons and increases motivation, which is especially important if taking into account the psychological characteristics of school age, in particular, a long predominance of visual thinking over abstract logical thinking.
  • Lectures and seminars held using whiteboards are remarkable in their clarity, impressiveness, and simplicity.

All of these advantages make the interactive whiteboard an appealing technology for any classroom. Students and teachers alike have a lot to gain from this technology and the demand for this tool is sure to only increase in schools as time goes on. This technology has become more and more popular in recent years and the trend is not showing any signs of weakening.