List of Top 7 Incremental Games 2021


Are you looking for the best incremental games? If so,  you’re at the right place.

Incremental games are fun clicker games to kill time. With its endless levels, auto-generation, and less difficulty made it more addictive. We have created a mixed list of the 7 best incremental games for you. You can find both idle and RPG games in this list.

Without further ado, let’s get started. 


Top 7 Incremental Games 2021


  • Cookie Clicker

Cookie Clicker is the most addictive clicker game of all time. You can consider it the pioneer of the incremental games category. The game starts with a large cookie in front of you. Every time you click that cookie, you get Cookies. When you collect enough cookies, you can buy Clicks, Grandmas, Mine, Bank, Temple, and many other items.


Your cookie collection increases when you upgrade items from the inventory. Cookie Clicker almost works perfectly with the fast mouse clicker. You can see your overall status from the Stats menu. You’ll need 1 trillion cookies to move to another level. You can play Cookie Clicker on both mobile and PC.


  • AdVenture Capitalist

AdVenture Capitalist is an idle clicker game that casts your character as an ambitious entrepreneur. The character is resourceful enough to deal with big investments. His ambitions to be the biggest businessman in the universe.

The game starts with a single lemonade stand. You can start a small business by selling pizzas, doing car washes, and newspaper delivery. When you earn enough profits, you can manage hockey teams, make movies, and even open banks. This is a seriously addictive game. This game is available on both PC and mobile.


  • Dogeminer

Yes, you heard it right. Our famous meme icon Doge has its own clicker game. This is a mining simulator game where you get a Pickaxe and a mine. When you click on the mine or Doge, you get Dogecoins. With enough Dogecoins, you can buy Mining Shibe, Slave Kittens, Doge Kennels, Space Rocket, and many more.

When you earn more Dogecoins, you can upgrade your crew and inventory for more Dogecoins per second. Once you have a big team, they can produce a big DPS, and you will be able to fly to the next planet. The game is available on both PC and mobile. Dogimener is absolutely free to play.


  • Realm Grinder

Realm Grinder is an RPG that requires side-scrolling and clicking. You can start the game as the ruler of a small realm. You can start earning coins by clicking on your kingdom. You can spend these coins on cool buildings that automatically generate plenty of coins per second for you. Some buildings, such as workshops and hotels, automatically collect coins when you are not playing.

With Realm Grinder, you can choose your character between the good and the bad. Even you can create an alliance and explore one of the best RPGs ever. You can use auto clickers to generate extra coins. The game is available on both mobile and PC. Trust me, this game is real fun to play in your spare time.


  • Darts Idle

Darts Idle is a simple incremental game. This is a competitive game. You and your opponent get the same amount of darts. You have to be very precise with the click if you want to throw the dart for the maximum points. The nervous meter shows your efficiency of the darts you throw.

You can change the color of your darts with the winning points. You can also unlock new features after some time. You can play this game for free on the Crazy Games.


  • Vaccine Idle

Vaccine Idle is a spectacular game developed in the COVID pandemic period. This simple game of generating vaccines to cure the spreading virus. With enough clicks, you can unlock the ability to buy tools, hire staff, and buy hospitals. 

It is not a simple task to control the spreading virus. If you don’t generate enough vaccines, people die. You can see your stats such as total vaccines, cured patients, infected patients, number of deaths, and many more. You can play this game for free on Crazy Games.


7) Clicker Heroes

Clicker Heroes is one of the best Role-play Games ever. This game is pretty much like Realm Grinder. You start your game as a lone warrior and destroy the monsters by clicking one them. First, you start with single damage, but you can recruit allies when you get enough Gold. These allies automatically vanquish your enemy.

With enough Gold, you can upgrade your inventory and buy characters with special abilities. You can also level up your warrior for extra damage. You can play this game for free on both PC and mobiles. 



So, this is the list that we have come up with after some digging. All these games are free to play. We’ve gone through all games, and we can assure you all of them are 100% safe to play. You can even try free auto-clickers to play these games. It will help you rest your hand and mouse.  We hope this post suits your purpose well.