Love in the 21st Century: Relationships and Modern Technology

The long-distance love affair seems to be something absolutely impossible and fictitious. How you can love a person if you see them only on Skype and hear only over the phone. There is a lack of tactile contact, which is crucial for any relationship.


But the realities of the time are such that we are in dire need of a loved one, and, sometimes, we can find them only through modern means of communication. And that’s great. After all, the World Wide Web discovers a lot of possibilities for us. We can find Asian brides who share our worldviews, understand and love us, no matter how many kilometers separate us.

Technology and Love: Gadgets for Couples

It seems that manufacturers of all kinds of gadgets are also well aware of this and offer more and more devices designed to reinvigorate and strengthen your love. These are:

1.    Love Sofa

Such a sofa will become an original interior decoration and, at the same time, an envoy if you suddenly quarrel. If both lovers are sitting or lying on the sofa far from each other, it glows with cold blue flowers. But as they move closer, delicate pink patterns bloom on it.

2.    Pillow-Talk

A touching invention for lovers separated by distance. If your loved one has gone on a business trip or, for example, lives in another city, you can still hear their heartbeat in a dream, as if they were there. A special strap with a sensor is worn on the chest and wirelessly transmits a signal to the second pillow. Of course, this will not replace real warmth around you, but it will nevertheless create a kind of connection and intimacy.

3.    Hugging Shirt

Another trick for those who are not around. A hugging shirt (outwardly, however, reminiscent of a straitjacket) will try to recreate the embrace of a loved one for you. Built-in sensors detect your touch and interact with your mobile phone via Bluetooth. The phone, in turn, sends a message to your chosen one’s mobile phone, and it transmits the corresponding signal to the sensors of their shirt. And both of you feel the warmth and slight vibration.

4.    Tandem Umbrella

It is, of course, romantic to snuggle up to each other, hiding from the rainy weather, but this still does not solve the problem of wet elbows. A tandem umbrella was invented especially for fans of walks in the rain. An oversized canopy and two handles allow you to accommodate comfortably underneath. However, if you prefer to put control in the hands of a chosen one, there is a Dualbrella — with two domes but one handle.

Bottom Line

If you have found your perfect person online, then you are very lucky. And we are more than confident that you will be together soon. After all, the one who strives and does something — always achieves the goals. In the meantime, you only have to confirm your feelings and talk about them to your soulmate. The unusual devices listed above can help you with this.