Love in the Time of Tech: How to Maximize Your Time & Build Relationships

The 21st century is evolving, going full speed ahead, with no time to stop for anything. Technology is transforming itself and us and our entire lives. We live in the era of tech, and everything is affected by it. Even our relationships.

So how do you find love and start a serious relationship? How do you make the most of the few moments when you are not working or sleeping?

We have the solution for you, and it’s insanely easy to follow – it’s online dating. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves and see how you can use online dating websites to go from single to in a relationship, a functional one when everything around you is changing with the speed of light.

Use HQ and HD live streaming and chats

Once you’ve found some matches, you can go ahead and start talking to them. There are many features available that will allow you to communicate with other singles. You can enter singles chats, individual chats, try video chats, send flirts and winks, and many other things, depending on the online dating website you’ve chosen.

There are several ways in which to communicate, but they will all allow you to chat in real-time and get to know your matches. You have everything you need to go from chatting online to meeting in real life and going on a traditional date.

Use modern technologies and the internet

With the general evolution of technologies for everything in our day-to-day lives came the evolution of dating technologies as well. While men and women can’t live without air, water, and food, they don’t really have a life worth living if they do not fill it with love.

That’s why a lot of work and effort has been put into bringing the technology of online dating websites as far as possible and why it’s constantly improving.

You can now simply make an account from any device you desire and begin chatting with singles from your area or internationally right away.

Use algorithms and AI

Before you swipe through singles, you must first find eligible matches. To do this, you must create a profile and set your preferences. You can choose both physical and psychological, romantic or non-romantic traits you are interested in.

You basically tell the online dating website what you desire and prefer, and it will use the algorithm to show you potential matches and then adapt as you like or dislike the choices you’ve been given.

How to impress singles online

If you don’t know how to impress your matches, here are some conversation tips which will take you from dating online to meeting for a date offline.

  • Don’t make everything about yourself.
  • Show interest in your matches.
  • Don’t be weird or appear predatory.
  • Don’t confess your love straight away.
  • Take it slow and let the conversation flow.
  • Don’t share personal information with strangers.
  • Be kind, funny, and relaxed.
  • Have a complete profile with pictures.
  • If it happens, it happens, but if it does not, don’t push it; walk away.
  • Be yourself


Traditional dating can be complicated, specifically because it’s not simple to find someone who is single, your type, and has similar needs and desires as you do. But online, everything is much simpler.

You know for sure that they are interested in the same things you are and that they are ready to commit. So, don’t be afraid; jump in and make the most of your free days and build strong relationships.