Mobile Revolution in Casino Gaming

They say, if you have a smartphone, you have the world at your fingertips. While playing casino games on a big screen such as laptops and PCs has been a fascinating experience for many, it is now outdated.

In this fast-paced, technology-dependent world, mobile gaming has acted as a curtain-raiser for the current popularity and outreach of the gambling market. The gambling industry has started to experience the winds of change as playing games on smartphones and tablets has proved to be a more convenient adventure for punters.

Now, let’s focus on how this modern tool has revolutionized the gambling industry.

The Mobile Casino Revolution

Recently, a lucky punter made it to the headlines by grabbing a jackpot of $3.1 million in the NetEnt mobile casino slot, Mega Fortune. To date, this was the biggest casino payout won by a punter from mobile slots. This news dictated a new interest in mobile gambling which is much more convenient and gives you equal chances to win in the slots as in PCs and laptops.

Mobile casinos are in an all-time high demand. Many Kiwis who use to gamble are likely to access NZ gambling sites via CasinoDeps to spend some free time or even make an income. Mobile casino platforms have record-breaking web traffic. They are making profits by millions. With so much popularity pouring into this industry, it only makes sense why people have done away with traditional PCs for smartphones.

Same Benefits With Much More Convenience

Playing on the go and grabbing prizes worth millions of bucks was unimaginable before the advent of mobile casino gaming. You can be anywhere – on your way to the office, on a vacation, or at home and play your favourite casino game. But, a stable internet connection is of great importance.

Besides the great convenience of mobile gaming, this platform does not fall short of any facilities and features you experience while playing casinos on your laptops or PCs. Therefore, you get the same games, the same state-of-the-art graphics, and the same in-game features and bonuses but with much greater feasibility.

Comparison – Mobile Gambling And Desktop Gambling

There are certain distinctions that will catch your eye even though the mobile casino is more convenient than gambling on desktops.

The first eye-catching distinction is the display. In a smartphone with a 7’’ screen, some of the ornamental casino features are done away with and the core features are brought in. Since the display needs to be uncluttered; the core features are maintained so that the platform can run smoothly. One can access the buttons by touching them and swiping to read or know more features.

Due to the size limitation, you may see fewer games than on a desktop. The desktop might have 2x the number of games that you find on your smartphones. Smaller screens and fewer games are the main drawbacks of mobile casino platforms. Still, gamblers find mobile gambling much more feasible than desktop versions.

Steps To Play Mobile Casino Games

While you won’t get the luxury of playing on big screens, mobile games are surprisingly easy to play. So, how will you access them?

Take a look at the pointers below to have a clear idea about Mobile Gambling.

  • You can download most casino apps from Google Play or App Store.
  • Smart casinos also update their downloadable mobile apps on their homepage itself. So, if you decide to shift from PC gambling to mobile gambling, you have the option ready for you.
  • So, visit the online casino site, click on the app link, download and you’re all set for a great gambling experience!
  • Bear in mind to allow the installation of apps from outside the default store your phone has.
  • Slots can also be played without any download. You can register your personal details if you are playing for the first time. But, if you are a registered member, enter your username along with the password, and you are good to go!
  • Mobile casino platforms have both free and real-cash modes. You can also make deposits in online casinos through your mobile platform.

Requirements Of The Mobile Casino Platform

It would do you well to remember a few requirements mobile casinos have –

  • Mobile casinos are HTML-equipped and will run on almost all devices.
  • It is advised for you to use the latest version of Flash.
  • Your WiFi needs to be really stable if you opt for mobile games. No data limits should be imposed while playing.
  • Make sure that your mobile provider does not block any casinos or casino games in the region.


No matter which platform you are playing, security is a primary concern of all players. If you are playing in a licensed casino, there is no chance of any security breach. All licensed and regulated casinos come with top SSL security be it on desktop or on mobile platforms. Logos such as eCOGRA and GLI prove the authenticity of the casinos and one should keep an eye out for them while choosing casinos.