Murgee Auto Clicker Review – Is it really the one?

Are you looking for an auto clicker that offers advanced features along with auto-clicking features? Murgee Auto Clicker is one of a kind auto clicker because its premium features are much better than a regular auto clicker.

This auto clicker is tremendously popular between gamers and PC enthusiasts. The advanced auto clicker offers a variety of features to justify its worth but is it really the perfect one? Let’s find out in this article:

MurGee: Overview

MurGee is an amazing auto clicker software available for Windows. With this automated clicker, you can use it to boost your click speed or CPS rate and avoid the laborious task of repetitive clicking. If you really need to press the same key (left, right, or center button of your mouse) or the same sequence of clicks again, Murgee Auto Clicker can help.

If you are new to this auto-clicking world you might face some confusion while using MurGee. Auto clickers like GS are very basic and good to start with whereas this auto clicker is more advanced. Apart from doing all the basic auto-clicking it can record macros and play it accordingly.

Choose the sort of click you want, the location of the automated clicks (in X and Y coordinates), and whether or not you want the cursor to return to its original position once the clicks are given.

How To Download Murgee Auto Clicker?

This auto clicker can be simply downloaded by following this simple step by step guide:

  • Click on this to visit their official website.
  • Click on
  • After the download is done, simply click on the file and press

Now, you are ready to use your MurGee auto clicker on your device.

Pricing Of Murgee Auto Clicker

Users can test this Auto Clicker for free and then let the software perform the mouse clicking while you relax your fingers. After 20 uses, the trial version expires, users can pay USD 6.54 to unlock the software trial for use on one Windows computer for up to three months from the date of payment of subscription fees.

Features and uses

This auto clicker is a feature-packed tool with tons of uses. However, uses will depend on your creativity. Some of the features and uses are listed below:

  • Comes with a customizable click interval setting. Set it lower for faster clicks and vice versa.
  • Much faster clicks help you in click-intensive games such as Roblox and Minecraft.
  • You can increase your in-game time with random clicks.
  • Any mouse button can be configured, be it left, right, or center.
  • The total number of clicks can be set up or just set the unlimited number of clicks till the program runs.
  • Super easy to launch with the help of a hotkey or by mouse button.
  • Users can record any macro and play it later repetitively according to their specific needs
  • It is a more advanced Auto clicker when compared to the other popular auto clickers.

Pros and cons


  • Super smooth and snappy, no jitters or lags reported by users.
  • Specific locations can be set up very easily
  • Customizable hotkey function to assign your favorite key to start/stop the program
  • Recording macro is definitely a tremendous feature for a typical task that cannot be achieved by traditional auto clickers.
  • Offers free trial, the subscription also doesn’t have skyrocketing price.
  • The UI is clear and relatively easy to use.


  • Don’t let you run other tools simultaneously.
  • Despite having a clean and user-friendly interface, it provides so many options to choose from which can be a little troublesome for those users who want basic auto-clicking.


MurGee is certainly one of the best auto clickers that are available in the modern-day world. If you want an Auto clicker on a frequent basis and require extensive functionality, this will be the best option for you. MurGee Auto Clicker is also recommended by professional gamers and PC users.

Although most Auto Clickers are free, this one ain’t free and comes with a subscription-based service. Nonetheless, it is worthwhile. It also provides a free trial so you can determine whether it is appropriate for you and your PC. You can use this before registering permanently. Use this fantastic app to give your fingers a break.


Q1- Is using MurGee Auto Clicker safe?

Yes, it is particularly safe and there are no pieces of evidence of it being a virus or malware. Just download it from the official website as mentioned above in the article.

However, auto clickers might be banned in some games and you should do your research before getting your account banned by the game.

Q2-Is this Auto clicker illegal?

No, it is completely legal and is highly used by PC enthusiasts. This auto clicker is extremely popular among gamers due to its macro feature. Many games let you click through auto clickers whereas many don’t. So, it’s your duty to check the permissibility of the auto clicker to avoid your account from getting banned.