Must Have Tech Gadgets for Your Gaming Needs

Gamers know best. Or at least that’s what we’re led to believe. But, unfortunately, if that was true when looking back, nowadays, there are so many brands and gear out there that the task to find the best tech gadgets for your gaming needs becomes hard to accomplish.

Fortunately, there are still some worthy contenders, as the ever-growing and endless line-up of products comes to be. We’ll talk about a few of those over in this very article, based on a balance between quality and affordable price.

That’s not to say the enthusiast won’t find some good pointers, but these aim to provide maximum benefit without breaking the bank!

Martim Nabeiro (more information on the author can be found right here) shares his opinion on some tech gadgets that will bring a smile to any gamer that is yet to own one of the following.


A Shiny Gamepad

Sure, console players find these straight out of the box, but how about PC gamers? Look no further, as you can adapt any of the Dualshock gamepads to your desktop or gaming laptop with only a little effort and own one of these must-have tech gadgets.

Sure, that won’t solve the issue of exclusive PS4 or Xbox titles, but it’ll still give you an edge on using one of the best-designed gamepads out there. Then again, if you were paying attention, the Xbox gamepad should be a case of plug-and-play.


A World of Gambling Adventures

It’s true many Portuguese players now enjoy casino games on their mobile phones, tablets and computers. The main difference lies mainly in the screen size, making it very similar for simpler games but all too appealing when you’re after a live casino experience.

Fortunately, gamblers are spoiled with quality choices such as moosh casino, where a wide range of games is available. We prefer to mix it up, honestly, and use both the smartphone and the big screen.

When it comes to that, our choice for the best gaming gadgets will lie on an IPS monitor, as large as you can afford. But, of course, you’ll need it for some of the next few suggestions!


All You Racers out There: Race

It’s hard to define priorities when it comes to gaming needs. We would start by focusing on the proper gig, to begin with – a powerful console or a gaming PC – and only then cover the peripherals.

Those that are fascinated by racing games can’t go wrong with a wheelset. They are available for every budget, but if you can, try to aim higher and claim the benefit. As far as wheels go, you get what you pay for, and the mid-table options are often a safe bet.

A Logitech G29 or a Thrustmaster T300 will surely bring you back on a few hundred, but if you spend a fair share of time racing, these will deliver some of the best fun you’ve ever had.


VR Sets a New Standard

Sure, these are often still far from being featured as the best gaming gadgets out there, mainly because they’re not cheap and not that many titles support VR. But fortunately, things are changing – fast. New titles are now more VR-conscious than ever and deliver the option to indulge in some of your past favorites under a whole new level of fun.

If you’re unsure, check how Project Cars 3 performs or Star Wars Squadrons perform. Also, many existing games support VR in one way or another, so perhaps it’s best to figure out if your favourite games made that list and what they look like under that whole new reality.


Fast Broadband is Essential

Each player has different gaming needs, but most agree on the importance of fast broadband. Fibre connections are available in Portugal up to 1gpbs, with low latency and an incredible download/upload stream. Remember to add a decent router if you plan to play over wifi.

That means any online gaming should feel smooth and as fun as it was meant to be. If you ever made it to a LAN party back in the day, nowadays, you don’t even need to slip off your pyjamas!

As far as must-have tech gadgets go, these are some of the essentials on a list that could go on forever. The starting point will always be your choice of hardware, based on the games you’d like to play. From that point onwards, it’s a matter of budget, personal taste, and the will to have gadgets that perform best.

Ultimately, the goal is to have as much fun and joy as you can, and that’s something any gamer tends to be a professional.