Netflix’s Move into Gaming

Online gaming is big business, it has been estimated that the global online gaming industry will grow to over $196billion by 2022. This is thanks to changing consumer behaviour spurred on by increased access to technology and internet connections and the demand for convenient at-home entertainment.

Casino games in particular have proven to be popular in the last several years. Internet based casino sites like Spin casino offer a huge range of games for players to enjoy, as well as a range of bonuses and promotions for new players. As demand has grown, more and more companies have entered the market to get a slice of the action and this has increased the level of competition significantly.

One corporation that isn’t afraid of the challenge is Netflix, who have recently announced that they will be offering mobile games to those with subscriptions to the platform. Netflix is the most popular TV streaming service in the industry and since its UK release in 2012 it has maintained a huge market share.

Netflix subscribers pay a monthly fee to have access to a large selection of content, including films, television shows and documentaries. These can be watched through an internet browser, smart TV, computer or smartphone app.

The company has experimented with interactive offerings before. Released in 2018, their interactive episode Black Mirror Bandersnatch which allowed viewers to decide the actions of the characters at certain points throughout the show.

They also developed Stranger Things 3: The Game and have plans to develop a location-based puzzle RPG in partnership with the Finnish games company Next Games.

Netflix are yet to reveal the full details about their future game release plans, however we do know that the games will be included as a free addition within the current app and targeted at mobile device users. Games may be developed from current Netflix Original series or licensed existing games from external developers.

This new addition to the service will add value for current customers and might help prevent un-subscriptions, it may also encourage new audiences to sign up. The gaming industry is a huge competitor for streaming services like Netflix as both are very popular forms of at home entertainment.

Adding gaming options to their service adds a competitive advantage and gives customers the choice between bingeing their favourite series and playing interactive games all on the same platform. Following the roll-out of some mobile gaming titles, it is believed that they will release some options that can be played on smart televisions.

With the successful development of cloud gaming and other gaming tech innovations like Virtual Reality (VR), it is no surprise that Netflix is trying to assert themselves in such a fast-moving industry. Only time will tell how users of the platform will react to these new additions and whether it will change who their main audience demographic is.