Professional Apps to Edit Videos for Social Media


In 2020, social media is a serious business. The apps that edit videos, especially for social media (even for particular platforms), are now professional software with powerful tools and plenty of filters. They allow you to create a true masterpiece from your mobile phone or tablet camera video. Even a new subgenre of movies filmed on mobile gadgets exists and thrives today. What are the magic tools that allow you to make your average video look like Hollywood production? And, how do they differ from the average video editing apps?


The main difference is that social media video editing apps are designed to fit tablets and smartphones. They are controlled by touchscreens and have to squeeze all their tools into small screens. That means that mostly such apps are much more ergonomic than their desktop counterparts. Despite being professional, they are also often more user-friendly and allow users to understand them intuitively. Creating quality content and reading reviews on services for promotion on LikesFinder will bring you a wide audience and help you to make your blog popular. Let’s see what tools are considered the best ones in 2020!


Adobe Premier Rush

The main advantage of Adobe Premier Rush (aside from being produced by one of the most famous and professional companies which deals with graphics and video editing), is that it is a cross-platform tool. The Adobe Premier app may look a bit too complicated for an average user, as lots of Adobe products do, but all the filters and tools are there for a reason. You may find something easier to quickly brush up your video for Instagram Stories, Tik Tok, or Youtube, but if you do need deep, professional editing, it is for you.


Adobe Premier Rush is a lite version of Adobe Premier. It has much more preset filters and ready-to-use options, preserving all the power and potential of its “parent”. It isn’t less professional, just does more by itself, not bothering the user with endless settings and adjustments. Its interface is simplified, and its icons are larger. Everything that can be drag-and-dropped drags-and-drops. It is a great solution for professional editing in a rush.


GoPro Quik

If you have a GoPro, the default GoPro app is one of the best possibilities you have. It is truly intuitive and adjusted to the extreme footages that are often filmed with GoPro. You may easily add music and sync your video to the beat. Timelapses, slowing down, and all the effects for action scenes will make your videos even more impressive.


If you want to edit your footage more thoroughly, you may look through it frame by frame, highlighting the best moments and adjusting your quality to balance between Facebook compression and desire to create a stunning and vivid picture.



Created especially for iOS LumaFusion is considered one of the most professional video editing apps for iOS. Its interface is as smooth and intuitive as the other products for iOs. It has tons of features, so much that you’ll need a while to learn them all. It also offers native support for 4K UHD, works with different color palettes, has an internal audio mixer, and so on.


Generally, it allows you to both make a quick edit before posting your footage instantly and make a deep retouch and create a full-fledged movie clip. The only drawback is that there is no syncing between the devices, so you should stick to the one you made your video with. However, as a warning, it may not be very comfortable with a small iPhone screen. The benefits of this app still make it awesome.


There are lots of other apps available for video editing for social media, but the ones above are the most professional and useful both for minor editing and for fully professional ones. Usually, to unlock their full possibilities, you have to pay a monthly fee, but it is completely reasonable in comparison with the features you’d get instead.