Retro Games to Play with Your Friends Online

The pandemic has taken social gaming to new heights, with many people now turning to it as a safe way to bond with friends. Aside from helping people stay connected despite social distancing, VentureBeat reports that gaming also promotes happiness and relaxation. Games like Among Us and Fortnite are continuing to gain popularity, but there are various other options you can choose from. If you’re planning your next game night with friends, consider playing these classic titles:



What started out as an iconic board game, Monopoly has since branched out to card games and now an app. This modern version is a 3D, animated game. Tokens hop across the board, and even the properties are fully animated — all while catchy background music plays. The rules are still the same, so just set up a private game with your friends and enjoy the typical stealing and taxing of properties. You can download it on the App Store and Google Play Store.



Get ready to argue that words like “fleek” should be counted as a valid Scrabble word. With an official Scrabble board, you can challenge family and friends and collect custom playable word tiles. If you’re curious about how your Scrabble skills are coming along, you can even track your longest words and best plays. The app has a chat function so you don’t need to switch to another app to communicate with your friends while playing.


Ready to test your friendship with those +4 and +2 cards? The UNO app lets you play it with the original rules. However, it also offers other features such as Buddy Up, which is a 2v2 battle. Meanwhile, the wild game mode involves the typical house rules but with two decks. You can also play in Room Mode if you want to set up your own rules. Interestingly, there are new cards like Wild Punch that send the +4 Wild back to the person who played it, and rules like Stack where an unlucky player piles cards into their hand. This UNO app gives you the classic card game but with several twists, you should definitely try.



For younger gamers, bingo can seem like a rather uneventful game that’s better suited for older folks. However, this isn’t the case for online bingo, which has been reinvented for digital players looking for a fun social experience. Today online platforms have elevated the game to appeal to a wide range of players. The different rooms on Gala Bingo showcase the variety and themes gamers can choose from. These include different versions of the game, such as 40 or 80 ball bingo, and titles based on popular TV shows like Deal or No Deal. Players are also able to communicate over online chat rooms, which retains the social aspect of the physical game. These platforms are a great way to get reintroduced to the game with friends. Plus, the addition of promotions and prizes makes it that much more exciting.


8 Ball Pool

Get your drink and snacks, then challenge your friends in an eight-player tournament or one-on-one game. You can customize your pool table and put Pool Coins at stake; these let you buy new items at the Pool Shop or enter higher ranked matches with bigger stakes. What’s more, 8 Ball Pool has great pool physics that accurately recreates the real-life experience of playing pool. Even the 8 Ball Pool table mimics the look and feel of a real pool table.

Interacting with other people through online games can definitely help reduce stress. If you want to find more options to play, check the gaming reviews on Prolockers.