Smartwatch Buying Guide: How to Choose a Smartwatch

Buying a new smartwatch can be a stressful ordeal. Watches have become so popular and technology has seriously improved their position in the marketplace. However, there are considerations to be made: what model to go for, what color to choose, and which smartwatch will be the most compatible with your particular smartphone. These are all important questions to be asked. 

Choosing great fitness trackers and smartwatches is achievable on a budget. This guide will help you to decide on which affordable device to choose. Begin your new healthy, fit lifestyle, and organized schedule with your new budget smartwatch that is a great value for your money. 


Considerations When Choosing Smartwatches

When choosing your new smartwatch, you must take into consideration its price, the compatibility with your mobile phone, and what features it contains, because every smartwatch offers something different, and each has its own style. You will want a smartwatch that you find to be stylish and the right size for your wrist. 



Costs for smartwatches can range from as cheap as $20, however, once they reach the higher price brackets e.g. over $600, these are usually the expensive designer brands.

It is important to remember the functionality of the watch and what it actually offers in terms of technical features, as opposed to the swanky label that is imprinted on the side of the watch. If you are after a workable smartwatch that can work as a GPS, fitness tracker, and calendar, but is also affordable, then this is the guide for you.



In order for your smartwatch to work as just that, it needs to be able to receive calls and messages through your smartphone. Therefore, it is important to purchase the accommodating brand for your particular smartphone e.g. an Apple smartWatch would suit an iPhone, but not a Samsung. 

Nevertheless, Apple Watches are quite expensive, so great alternatives that offer low-price but compatible watches are worth considering.


Technical Features

Smartwatches offer many great things, so they are valuable to everyone who buys one. But some features will be more useful to some people than others. 

For instance, if you are trying to improve your sleep so you are more active in the day, it is worth looking into smartwatches that analyze sleep data and when you are active. Some watches even monitor your heart rate which would be useful to anyone who needs to improve their overall health. If you are bulking, trying to lose weight, or starting a new diet plan, then a fitness tracker with a step monitor and GPS will be useful to record your progress. Another thing to consider is the battery life of the smartwatch. It would be pointless to have a watch that did not have a long battery life, particularly if you need it to track your entire workout over several hours. 



Smartwatches are functional gadgets, however, it is important to consider if it suits your particular fashion style and if the watch fits your wrist. 

There are several colors and prints to choose from, and this is all subject to personal taste, and smartwatches range from small to large sizes so everyone is catered to. 


Our Favorite Smartwatch 

Our favorite smartwatch is the Lintelek Fitness Tracker. This smartwatch is so incredible for what it offers. It works as a heart rate monitor, so anyone trying to improve their lifestyle can invest in this smartwatch, but would be particularly useful for anyone who has suffered from a heart problem. This Lintelek fitness tracker tracks your activity and sleep and also has a connected GPS. This way, it can accurately track your progress whilst recording it on a map so you can visually see what you’ve achieved. 

The calorie counter is vital for anyone dieting or starting a new healthy eating plan. It will ensure you keep track of what you are eating, and set goals for what you should be eating to achieve your desired aim. The 14 sports mode allows the user to understand each sport in more accurate detail because each one is different in terms of its health benefits. Moreover, the steps tracker will track your activity 24 hours of the day, and seven days a week, by calculating your steps, distance burned calories, and sleep minutes. With this gadget around your wrist, you constantly have access to calls and messages, calendars, WhatsApp, SMS, and SNS messages. Its long battery life can last on standby for up to 7 days, making this the perfect gift for friends and family. 

This smartwatch is totally waterproof, meaning that it can be used despite sweating in the gym, while you shower and wash your hands, and even during swimming practice. This is particularly useful if you are a swimmer and that is how you want to track your fitness progress. It also has a time display and a sleep monitor. The sleep monitor is vital to track the total hours of sleep you get a night, which is imperative for any fit and healthy person – you need enough nightly sleep to function efficiently throughout the day. This smartwatch comes with a remote camera, USB charging, an alarm clock, and also has access to WhatsApp. The watch’s monitoring and reminder functions are so important to have in a smartwatch because they keep you organized and also fit and healthy, which is the overall aim of using your portable fitness tracker. 

The Lintelek fitness tracker is compatible with Apple and Android smartphones, as well as most other smartphone brands. No sim card is required, you merely have to download the Veryfitpro app on your phone to track your fitness progress on your mobile. With this app, your phone does not have to be constantly connected to Bluetooth in order for it to be connected with the smartwatch. 

This smartwatch is exactly what you would expect to find in an expensive Fitbit, however for an affordable price. You can buy this lightweight functioning smartwatch on Amazon for only $20.60, which is incredible for everything that it offers.