System Requirements for iGaming – Interview with Lucas Mollberg


Modern day video games often require players to invest a lot of money in hardware if they want to get the best possible experience. With graphics cards, processors, and other hardware costing serious bank, we were wondering what kind of games we could play without offloading so much cash.

iGaming is the one gaming sector that has not put too much pressure on players in terms of hardware needed. In fact, most iGaming sites and apps allow a high-level of gameplay on somewhat outdated devices. To tell us more about it, we talked to Lucas Mollberg, a tech savant and iGaming industry insider.

Welcome Lucas, and thank you for doing the interview. Before we jump into any technical details, can you please tell our readers what exactly iGaming encompasses and what kind of entertainment they are in for?

Thank you for having me! iGaming is the single word we use for all types of online games of chance these days. This includes casino games, sports betting, fantasy sports, bingo, all of it. When I mention games of chance, people often assume gambling is involved, but it really doesn’t have to be.

There are thousands of iGaming sites out there and literally all of them offer free playing options. That means you can play the games without any risk or chance to win any money, but rather just for fun. As owner of I often get asked if there are some hidden costs involved, and the answer I always give is no. You can absolutely enjoy these games without risking a cent, and social casinos offer games without even a chance to play them for real money.

We wanted to know what kind of devices people need to play these games! The gaming industry is making players have to buy new hardware all the time, is it the same with iGaming?

Absolutely not! The games that fall under the iGaming category really don’t require high-end hardware at all. That doesn’t mean you can play them on a computer you bought twenty years ago, but any cheap laptop or PC you bought in the last five years should do just fine running most of these games.

What’s even more, mobile devices are becoming extremely popular in iGaming. More and more players are moving away from using computers for iGaming at all, and simply loading up their games on cell phones. It works like a charm, and a $300 computer will run hundreds of super-exciting games that don’t require powerful hardware at all.

What about the software requirements? You mentioned mobile devices, so we are wondering if we can play on any device with any system on it, or if these are reserved for iOS or Android users?

Back in the day, there used to be downloadable apps for iOS and Android, and anyone using a mobile device with a different system simply had no recourse. Today, most iGaming apps can be loaded up in any mobile internet browser and there is no need to make any downloads. This means you can play a mobile casino of your choice regardless of the device you own.

Software developers these days use the modern HTML5 technology to create games that will run on any device and system, regardless of any specifics. This is great news especially for those players who have off-brand devices or those that are not the industry standard. Anyone can enjoy iGaming, and the software and hardware you have should not hinder you.

Thank you for taking this time to talk to us Lucas. We hope that many of our readers find great fun in playing at iGaming sites and have no issues running them, as you said.