Tech Gadgets to Set the Mood on Your First Date


On the advice of citasconlatinas, we prepared a collection of gadgets that you can use to organize your first date after online chatting. You will undoubtedly have found it easy to develop a rapport after connecting in the relaxing but intimate environment of a dating website. Once your inhibitions have been suitably eroded, you can suggest igniting the passion between you with any of these romantic tech accessories!


Smart Lights, Smart Speaker – for a romantic atmosphere

What better way to create the perfect atmosphere for your first date than smart lights connected to a smart speaker? With the flick of a switch, you can dazzle your significant other with a dizzying variety of atmospheric light options, while the speakers are synchronized to emanate the complimentary musical accompaniment. Choose your playlist beforehand so there are none of the unexpected outbursts that can occur when you’ve set your gadgets to random shuffle. Instead, you’ll be safe in the knowledge you have created a flow of amorous tunes.


Smart Essential Oil Diffuser

It goes without saying, but sensuality is all about stimulating the senses. After you’ve invited your new partner around for a romantic candle-lit meal, can you think of a bigger passion killer than the lingering smell of pets or whatever you had for lunch earlier? Now would be the occasion to introduce some aromatherapy into your blossoming relationship. The ideal backdrop to a passionate get-together would be achieved by ensuring your front door opens to an alluring scent produced by a diffuser. These come in all shapes and sizes, with the larger ones capable of storing 700 millilitres of oil, improving air quality in larger rooms, and quashing any unwanted aromas. When the time comes to retire to the bedroom, the lingering scent will add to your enjoyment, while many of these devices can be controlled by an app that will dim it or switch it off to avoid disturbance. In addition to injecting the air with pleasant scents, diffusers will also soothe your nerves. The fact these can be controlled from your smart devices means you can learn to regulate the output, ensuring maximum satisfaction at all times.


Make a Dish with a Smart Sous-Vide Cooker

So, you want to give your new squeeze the impression you’re capable of rustling up a fantastic and stimulating meal at the drop of a hat?  A sous-vide machine should be an essential component of your kitchen. When you know your date’s arrival is imminent, this combines technology with culinary flair, enabling you to put together a mouth-watering meal in 30 seconds. What’s more, you can control this feast from anywhere


Watch a Date Night Movie on a Tiny Smart Projector 

There’s a time and a place for heading to the multiplex for a movie night or even snuggling together on the couch to watch something on Netflix. But what more romantic way to bond than getting your hands on a small but efficient smart projector? They’re pocket-sized, but produce high-quality pictures and excellent soundtracks, and can be used on any flat surface.


Playbulb Smart Flameless Candles – for a safe and romantic atmosphere

 Candles have been synonymous with date nights for time immemorial. If you don’t want to be concerned with fire hazards or candles becoming unsightly lumps of wax over time, invest in the flameless variety.


VR Headsets to Play Games Together

VR headsets might seem like something from a science fiction film, but they’re available now. These give an added layer of realism when you are gaming together. You’ll quickly lose yourselves to the moment, immersed in the unbelievably vivid atmosphere of the game.