Technologies that Hack Social Distancing for LGBT Couples

Social distancing hit us like +4 on +4 in Uno. A terrible scenario that locked all of us home. But we endured, and we’re still enduring, thanks to technology. It lets us stay in touch with each other, even meet new people, without breaking rules of social distancing. That technology makes life much simpler for LGBT couples. Let’s see how.


Dating Site Connect Online: From Conversation to Video Calls

The obvious benefit of dating sites is their ability to connect people who have never met in real life. You can sit at home with a glass of wine and chat with members of your favorite LGBT site. 20 years ago, those conversations would be slow and done over an email. Today, thanks to technology, those conversations are exciting and sometimes faster than real-life conversations. You can send texts, photos, emojis, videos, and have video calls. That’s the closest you can get to have a real conversation with someone who is far away.


Online Connection Saves Your Time

Having conversations online defeats more than distance. It defeats the mightiest of all forces, time. How? Because you can chat with as many people as you want at the same time. Average GaysGoDating website member chats with 5 men at the time. That means 5 times more fun, 5 times bigger chances of meeting your perfect matches. 


Modern Technologies to Protect Accounts from a Hack Attack

Modern technology has another benefit. It doesn’t just make meeting people online more efficient and exciting. It makes dating safe because legit dating services spend millions on security. Regular check-ups and updates make sure hackers are kept outside. Dating sites are becoming so safe that it’s difficult to find any site that had problems with hackers in the last couple of years. Hackers learned there are easier targets, so it’s pointless for them to risk it all just to hit a firewall they can’t break.


Some Online Safety Tips for Gays

However, gays and everyone else shouldn’t let their guards down completely while chatting online. It doesn’t matter if the conversation is happening on some dating site, social media, or anywhere else on the Internet. Some things are huge NO-NOs online, but people still make those mistakes. We’ll now list you some of the info you mustn’t share with anyone online under any circumstances:

  • your Social Security Number (or photos of your ID or anything similar)
  • your address (make sure your first date is in some public place not too close to your home)
  • your credit card info (do we have to explain this?)

Modern Apps Break Geolocation Barriers

The last paragraph might scare you a little bit, but as long as you’re careful, you won’t have any problems online. You can get a lot of information online thanks to modern apps. For those who can’t afford to travel around the world, meeting people from different parts of the world is one of the best ways to learn about different cultures. In other words, technology erased geological barriers, at least online. International and interracial dating sites are popular because of that. It’s exciting to hear about life in other countries from someone who’s living there.


Artificial Intelligence Can Find You a Couple

Unless you’ve been living under the rock, you know what AI stands for. Artificial Intelligence is finding its way into a lot of industries. Online dating is one of the industries that became a lot better after AI came to the scene. AI calculates potential matches much faster than any human or old software ever could. Because of that, online dating became more efficient. It’s much simpler to find perfect matches when AI presents you with 10-20-100 matches every day.