Technologies Used For Ensuring Security Online

Security is one of the most important considerations in both physical and online casinos. Whether playing poker virtual casino or wagering on eSports, doing so securely is incredibly important to the player and operator. These operators work with unparalleled technologies to secure players’ data 24/7. They do this all while adding an incredible number of fresh features. Players are looking to play fun games of slots or cool poker sessions with a huge pot on the virtual table. They want to access casinos online safely. Most importantly they want to trust the experts securing their data.

The processes and technologies used to secure player data must stay on the cutting edge. Hackers and fraudsters are always looking to exploit an aging system. Staying up to date with security is essential for online casino games. The experience must be safe but also fun and easy to access. It presents a conundrum for IT security professionals.

We will discuss some of the main security technologies used by modern casinos online. These are technologies in use in Australia, the US, Canada, and Europe. Parts of the world with intense regulatory frameworks surrounding security and online gaming of all types.

Advanced Data Encryption Solutions

Secure Sockets Layer

SSL is short for Secure Sockets Layer. It is a type of security protocol which encrypts a website’s data when interacting with it. Encryption enables servers to transfer data without parties between ‘eavesdropping’ on the data. This is a basic part of the online world. Encrypting personal information through SSL is part of sites with log-in areas or checkouts.

SSL protocols enable any online business to safely exchange critical payment information between. An essential step for keeping data safe. When a website visitor sees the SSL certificate mark it can give confidence to the user. They know that all the information they are about to provide to the site is safe and risk-free.

SSL is used on a wide array of websites from all fields, and it is not limited to virtual gambling venues. The encryption of data occurs during its transmission. Not mandated as essential in all businesses, reputable sites use this technology. SSL is a part of online casino regulation though. Most jurisdictions require casinos to own an SSL certificate as part of an operating license.

Hypertext Transport Protocol Secure (HTTPS)

HTTPS is another popular encryption protocol. It’s designed to make confidential data leaking extremely difficult. Short for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. It is the secure version of the HTTP used for sending data between websites and web browsers. Websites that feature a log-in option rely on HTTPS to secure the communication. Chrome and other similar modern-day browsers mark sites that do not use this protocol. Most are aware of the green padlock in the URL bar. Browsers are signaling that the site utilizes basic HTTPS.

When visiting a new site for the first time, a user should be on the lookout for either the SSL or the HTTPS mark to enjoy enhanced security.

Blockchain Technology

A crypto casino relies on advanced blockchain technology. Smart contracts are used to record the confidential data of players. The blockchain is also used to record activity on the site. This includes their transactions and winnings but the system operates anonymously. A crypto casino has enhanced system security on all levels. Players can complete their banking transactions via Bitcoin and other crypto coins. This adds an additional layer of anonymity to the process.

Two-Factor Authentication

FTA, 2FA, or two-factor authentication is an additional security technology. Used by many online businesses and casinos to protect users passwords and data. For casinos it is especially important for banking verification.

The procedure allows a user to prove they are the owners of the registered account. The procedure requires a mix of two authenticators. Usually a password plus a SMS code to a verified phone number. There are also more advanced mobile technologies like code generators as well. Biometrics such as face scan or fingerprint scan may also be a part of the process.

Non-Obvious Relationship Awareness (Nora 2.0)

Some casinos rely on an AI security technology known as Nora 2.0. The original software helped physical casinos by detecting fraudulent relationships between dealers and players. The newest version is designed for online casinos. It utilizes AI to identify potential threats. The algorithm improves over time as more data is analyzed.


Knowing what security features a website uses is important when providing your data. This is all the more important when playing an online casino game. The industry knows this and works to make their sites as secure as possible. A mixture of technologies are utilized across the industry.