The 10 best apps for studying on iPad

Photo by Wilfred Iven on StockSnap
  1. Foxford.Textbook


This supplement contains materials for mastering the school curriculum and for in-depth study of one of the eight disciplines. In addition to 3000 topics of the standard school course, presented in an easy-to-digest form, there are more than 500 video lessons from professors of higher education institutions, which are considered the most problematic issues for most students in different subjects. With this in-depth study, you no longer need to buy an expository essay, and you can do this difficult assignment yourself.


  1. iStudiez Pro


This app combines the functions of a planner, notepad, and calendar. It will help to plan time for studying, rest, visiting hobby groups and sections.

Unlike other similar applications, iStudiez Pro is designed specifically for students, allowing you to enter information about semesters, disciplines, teachers, and specialized settings.


  1. Photomath – take a picture of an equation and get the solution


Use your iPhone or iPad camera to take a picture of the equation. Photomath will recognize it and immediately show you the solution.

Importantly, Photomath doesn’t just give you the answer, and it gives you the complete solution of the equation in steps. This will help you understand the principle of solving an unfamiliar type of equation and learn how to solve it yourself without a calculator.


  1. Reverso Dictionary – learn foreign languages


A great solution for foreign language learners. There are more than 200 dictionaries available in the app, collected according to different fields: explanatory, scientific, medical, and others. Translate and get the transcription and context of a given word or phrase.


  1. FineScanner – scan books and documents


Handwritten notes and printed documents are easy to lose. To prevent this situation – scan them with Scanner Pro and the camera on your iPad. The app uses a high-quality sheet capture algorithm and text-recognition technology, so your scanned document will both look good, and you’ll be able to copy parts of text from it.

Documents can be saved from the app to cloud services, sent by mail, shared with classmates.


  1. Mobile Math – will be a supplement to your textbook


The app has a huge database of theory and mathematical formulas. All data is structured, so it is not difficult to find the right formula.

In addition to theoretical knowledge, the app has practical tasks. There are tools for solving equations of different degrees, performing operations with matrices, and constructing graphs.

There are 10 variants of the test, as well as 80 calculators for various calculations.


  1. Codea – easy coding


You don’t need the knowledge of a master programmer to create simple applications and games. Some tools allow you to make something like that. You can use the Lua programming language and the Codea application.

It’s a graphical code editor for beginners. You can develop something interesting here, but note that the application is not designed for large projects. This is an opportunity to understand the basics of graphics in practice and help you decide if you are even interested in this type of development.



  1. Sky Guide – explore astronomy


There are quite a few astronomical releases in Apple’s app library. Users like the possibility to study the sky without buying a personal telescope, so developers actively work in this environment.

Among others, the Sky Guide deserves special attention. It was originally designed for the amateur, so they emphasize beautiful design and sell it at a fairly low price. The beautiful interface and comprehensive knowledge of the known part of the space can be mastered without having a doctorate in astronomy.


  1. iWork


This is the perfect set of applications for working with texts, spreadsheets, and presentations. In Pages, you can create documents and illustrate them with charts, pictures, and even videos. Numbers is a table, but charts, diagrams, and smart categories make it look more vivid and clear. Keynote is a tool for designing presentations. Every app has ready-made templates, handy features, and real-time collaborative editing options for students and schoolchildren. You can also use the Apple Pencil. Just get started! 



  • Chemist


Your assistant in studying chemistry. The functionality of the application allows you to turn your wildest fantasies into reality. Mix different liquids, get the right reactions, record the results of experiments, and do not be afraid for your health. Each lesson takes place in a completely safe and comfortable environment.


We hope you find these apps useful. Good luck with your studies!