The Best Puzzle Online Games For Android

Puzzle games are a great way for you to get your mind active and create some exciting moments. Puzzles are a way for you to test your mental prowess and complete fun challenges. Puzzle online games with the best free spins bonus Canada have developed many unique ideas, involving pieces and questions. What makes them better, is that you can find them accessible for any platform you have. Android has a few puzzle games made specifically for them and their devices.

Play them on your Android smartphone where you are to find something to do. Here are the top five recommendations:

  1. Samorost
  2. Empty
  3. Sky Children of Light
  4. Total Party Kill
  5. Turn It On! Free


Samorost is a game that utilizes point-and-click mechanics that can play in reverse too. The third instalment of the series has been released with new puzzles for you to enjoy. The game is created by Amanita Designs and utilizes a fun, space-themed world where you can explore what this asteroid has to offer. Play as an adorable gnome who wishes to discover the outer world and save his own planet from total destruction. All three games involve him going on new adventures.

The Gnome will set off on his tiny rocket and find many locations based on collage paintings. Your job is to navigate safely through these locations by clicking on the right objects, points, and pathways. The game is relatively short on average, meaning you have plenty of time to just explore the worlds and see the beautiful graphics this game has to offer. Even on mobile, the level of detail is what attracts so many players towards it. The puzzles will be solved on your phone screen, with each new location accessible with a swipe of a panel. See how far you take this beloved gnome and hopefully save his small planet.


Empty takes you to an environment that that is filled with abstract designs and “simplistic” colouring. It is a puzzle game for those looking for that tranquil mentality. Every level is designed differently and hand-crafted to look as basic as possible. Your discoveries and imagination are what fill this “empty” world with the detail it craves. All the while solving puzzles to make this dream world real. Manipulate the objects in this world so that it creates a pattern to reveal what the image’s true to face it.

The core element of this gameplay is to see how much of the world you can manoeuvre around. Find the right spot and you can unlock a marvellous painting or perfect image. Sooner or later, you will begin to notice the patterns, increasing your observation skill by looking at places people regularly don’t look. It can be a relaxing experience as well, as there is no danger in messing up. Just take your time and carefully look at every edge and corner. What makes it look empty, at first, could be filled with multiple possibilities.

Sky Children of Light

While not just a puzzle game, this is also an adventurous journey into a world filled with clouds and colours. This game itself takes a lot of inspiration from the hit indie video game, Journey. It’s about exploring a world that is all yours to wander, soaring high as you possibly can. These mystical children wish to spread the light across the realms, as they travel to carry it onward as they fly. The game will have you explore the world with these children as you not only fly, but run, jump, climb, and slide.

It is through these platforming mechanics that you solve the puzzles of the game. There will be parts of the world that are blocked off and your objective is to figure out how to get past the obstacles. The game implements a cooperative function with other players, as you work together to traverse over these walls. By communicating through emotes and gestures, you can signal what needs to be done and work seamlessly together. If you can communicate effectively, you can beat the time of other teams and place high in the scoring. Your reward will be magical graphics that will amaze your very eyes.

Total Party Kill

If you want the classic dungeon-crawler exploration, then this is perfect for Android devices. Total Party Kill will have you play as three heroes in a single-screen ruin, where your only job is to survive the horrors that lie waiting inside. You must figure out which one of the heroes must go first to solve the puzzle and proceed to the next area. If you choose unwisely, it can result in their imminent death. This dark, comic adventure will have you play guess with the lives of these heroes just so at least one of them can have a chance of escaping.

The three characters each do different things that can help out in different situations. The Knight has the power to slice through the gross chums and send them flying into the corners. The mage has the power to freeze their companions into stepping blocks. The Ranger can use his own arrows to make platforms into the walls. Use the three powers in unique ways to find the solution to the problem. Only picking them in the right order will be the key to their freedom, so long as one of them doesn’t die first. You may need to sacrifice one behind just so you can thank them in the afterlife.

Turn It On! Free

Turn it On! Free is a funny, tongue-in-cheek puzzle game that dabbles on how far people are willing to go to fix their average circuit board. IT almost goes towards ludicrous levels trying to recreate that frustration you feel when you get a single piece of tech to work. All it does is adds more and more things to toggle and switch. IT gets faster and crazier to the point where you can’t even think. You can either go with the flow and keep up with the tempo or crash and burn underneath the high pressure.

The game will start with you turning a dial or flicking a switch. You will then find another one that appears, with a shorter time limit to interact with it. If you don’t interact with these dials and switches, the game will end. You have to keep going ad the game gets faster and more chaotic. There is an end to this puzzle if you can figure out the correct combinations of switches. The game could go on forever while you’re desperately trying to keep things from short-circuiting. Only the truly calm players will find the solution they are looking for.