The Ultimate Guide to Being an Eco-Friendly PC Gamer


PC gaming is still a very popular way to access your favourite games. Many of us gamers who choose PC’s will spend a long time making sure the hardware meets our gaming wants and needs.  Alongside this, there is a lot of pressure to lead a more sustainable life, so we’re going to look at whether it is possible to integrate the two. Can you really be a PC gamer who has an eco-friendly setup? 

The news is constantly reminding us that the planet is damaged, and unless we change the way we function, it is likely that we will suffer the consequences of not looking after our world. You may not have considered a link between doing your bit for the environment and how you operate your PC, but there are a few things you can do to bring yourself into eco-friendly PC gaming territory. 


Power Friendly 

Obviously, in order to enjoy your PC gaming, you need the electricity connected. There is absolutely no way you can play your game without the power being on, but you can stop being a lazy gamer and make sure that you shut down your PC completely when you finish. It can be very tempting to just wait for it to hibernate, but this is still consuming power. By shutting down your PC, you’re actually helping yourself out as well because there are essential updates that need to run. Most of us get frustrated by these updates and generally click the install later button, which can go on for many days; while it might take slightly longer to start up, occasionally, these vital patches and bug fixes will install every time you reboot the computer from cold. It would help if you also remembered to turn off any uninterruptible power sources; while they are beneficial when your PC is up and running and can save you from being unexpectedly booted out of a game cause the power has gone off, they are no use when your PC is shut down an asleep for the night so you may as well turn them off at the wall too.


Choose Digital Delivery 

Another great way to cut down on your carbon footprint and any impact on the environment is to use digital delivery for your new games. Websites like Steam enable you to purchase games, which means you aren’t also gaining a plastic box, which will later end up in a landfill. There are so many great titles available for digital delivery that this makes a lot of sense. Unfortunately, due to greed on the part of game companies, it doesn’t tend to make games that much cheaper, but there will be special offers and sales run by the gaming websites from time to time. It also is a good thing generally as you are making another step towards an eco-friendly gaming experience, so try not to focus on the money too much. 


Recycle Where Possible 

Of course, if you are creating your own perfect PC setup, there will be times when you upgrade and therefore get rid of old components. Almost every part of your computer can be recycled and actually has good value. The tricky thing can be figuring out where to take them rather than just chucking them in the bin, but there are places you can check on the Internet that will help point you in the right direction for your local area. It’s worth spending the time doing a little bit of research so that you can feel better about ditching that old graphics card or motherboard. 

Upgrade with Care

So, what about the upgrades themselves? There is so much PC technology out there that you can easily feel like you need to be constantly overhauling your setup to ensure that it’s got the best components. However, many of these will be pretty gimmicky, and the benefit you will gain by upgrading will be very minimal when it comes to noticing any performance enhancement when you’re playing. Graphics cards and central processing units are also subject to quite big price drops soon after they’ve been released. So, if you jump on it straight away, you’re likely to be paying over the odds price. Waiting just awhile can actually bring the cost down significantly, which will benefit you and still get you the upgrade you’re looking for. 

Don’t Get Caught Up

Finally, it’s crucial that you try not to get caught up in the hype of gaming companies. It is the mission to earn as much revenue as possible from their game, so as well as the game itself, there is now also a sizable merchandising market. Whether it’s a controller Holder, energy drink, chairs, or more, there will always be advertising to convince you that you need this in your life if you play the game. Of course, this isn’t true, and it is just a way for them to try and earn even more money. There is nothing wrong with wanting to create the perfect setup, so if you do need a new gaming chair, take the time to choose one that matches your needs and try and recycle your old one by selling it on to someone else or giving it away to charity. The same applies to things like soft toys and Funko pops; they will have a short life span and after that just become dust collectors, so do you need them?