Top 3 Games That Positively Affects Your Brain

Thanks to the Internet and modern technology – games today are more popular than ever. People of all ages worldwide play for a variety of reasons. For some people playing is a job, while for others is impossible to resist a well-designed script and visual experience of the game.

Also, on the impressive market, there are games specially created for health benefits. You may not know it, but some games are significant in many ways for the human mind, that is, the brain. 

One of the most positive effects of these games is that many scientists and doctors, especially neuroscientists, neurologists, and psychiatrists, are involved in the game development designed to improve and preserve brain functions. 

We can easily conclude these games “have a mission” to challenge brain parts responsible for concentration and focus.

As you probably know, the brain needs exercise. It must constantly have some challenges to solve, to create new “gray” cells. Thus the human brain, focus, and memory remain active and young for longer. 

There are even specially designed games for people with dementia and other neurological diseases. The world of games is actually one big platform that can do many good things and launch humane initiatives. Neal Taparia, co-founder of Solitaire Brain, loves brain-health oriented games. They help him to focus during meetings and brainstorming office days.  

In this article, we bring you TOP 3 games with positive effects on the brain and mind.

1) Eidetic

The mind can be a tricky thing. Anatomically speaking, the brain is the same in all people. However, brain cells are not working in the same way in all of us.

Some people are geniuses, and most are not. Also, someone can be excellent in mathematics but having dyslexia and cannot read regularly. 

It is similar to memory and understanding. Some things are easy to remember, while others are difficult. Eidetic is the game that can help in such situations. 

A game idea is that users create their memory patterns. It is somewhat custom-made and based on repetition and associations. 

Eidetic is similar to mind maps because the game allows you to create your association scheme, and if you repeat it enough times – it will be easier for you to remember what you need. 

You put words or quotes that you love or mean to you in the context of memory. Specifically, those words are the keyword for what you want to memorize or when you want to remember something learned years ago. 

It  also can help in understanding our minds.  

Eidetic is ideal for students, entrepreneurs, and people who must or like to multitask.

2) CogniFit

You have probably heard or read that the human brain uses only 10% of its total capacity. Can you imagine what would happen and what the world would look like if we used at least 20%? 

This question is the subject of many scientific papers, but also creatives from the film industry. And even though we only use 10% – the human brain is still a big mystery. 

So much is still unknown. Maybe that is one of the reasons why scientists and neurologists insist on so-called brain fitness. 

CogniFit is a game and application that combines exercises for different parts of the brain. Because of work or lifestyle, we can exploit certain brain functions and neglect others. 

To try to strike a balance – and save the mind from burnout – CogniFit is the best choice. Based on several tests – you can create a personalized brain fitness program.

And although it sounds too medical, there are classic games like card games, Mahjong, Solitaire, and similar. Most of them are puzzle patterns and memory games. Significantly, everything is personalized to you ie. what your brain lacks the most. More professionally, it is cognitive and mental training based on logic and arithmetic. Sudoku, crosswords,… you will find everything you like. 

Besides, CogniFit offers a lot of fun and relaxation – which only helps your mind more.

3) Lumosity

When it comes to applications and games that positively affect the brain – Lumosity is probably the most famous. In addition to providing you with the necessary enigmatic games and tasks – it will monitor your level of progress and notify you when you suck.

You will be able to access your results and see the process of your progress at any time. Lumosity strives to challenge its users, no matter what level they are. 

You can compete with someone from your level or higher.