Top 5 Gadgets That A Graphic Designer Should Own

A graphic designer, in addition to the required skills also requires specific gadgets which can act as an arsenal for any graphic designer. A graphic designer requires a good collection of hardware, software and graphic designing tools to ensure that the graphic designer can work efficiently. Here are the five best gadgets that a graphic designer should own to increase productivity. 

1. Laptop 

A good laptop is indispensable for any graphic designer. For a graphic designer, good screen size is required to ensure that all the details are precisely visible to the designer. A larger screen is suitable for good design work. In addition to that, the laptop should also have a good battery life to ensure undisrupted workflow without even a charger. Thirdly, the processor of the laptop should be powerful enough for heavy editing work. A combination of all these elements will be the perfect laptop for any graphic designer. 

2. Studio Camera

A graphic designer needs an eye for everything and a graphic designer should know how to capture beautiful images which can be very helpful in multiple projects. DSLR is a good option for capturing professional images. A good camera should be lightweight and should have an excellent lens. For increased exposure to the work that you have created, you can also go ahead and share them in WhatsApp Status. You can also capture a self-portrait using the camera which can also be used as a WhatsApp Dp. It is recommended that the camera is placed properly within a proper cover to increase its longevity. 

3. iPad and Apple Pencil

The iPad is an excellent device for digital drawing and therefore it is highly suitable for a graphic designer. However, simply an iPad won’t suffice the requirement of a professional graphic designer. The Apple pencil when equipped with an iPad can do wonders. The versatility of the iPad increases by a thousand fold when used in combination with Apple Pencil. Apps like Sketchbook, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and Sketchbook can be used on iPad for creating beautiful graphics. Depending upon the budget, one can also switch to a normal tablet and stylus or high-end tablets like Wacom Cintiq 22 which is specially designed to meet the requirement of a graphic designer. 

4. Smartphone 

Smartphones can prove to be very handy for a graphic designer especially if it is high-end smartphone. A good smartphone will help you in capturing the quick images that you require. In addition to that, a smartphone can also be used for basic editing during a case of emergency. Other than the actual graphic designing work, smartphones also play a critical role in connecting with the clients, sending and receiving emails and many other things. 

5. Hard Drive 

A graphic designer works with heavy files, be it a design that they have created or an image that they have captured. On top of it, this work should be stored judiciously as it can act as a portfolio for any graphic designer who is looking forward to a job. A hard drive can help you to store all important files in one place and in addition to that, it works as an excellent backup for all the important files. 

How To Buy A Gadget?

Now that you know the essential gadgets that a graphic designer needs, it is crucial to understand how to buy a gadget. Firstly, it is important to list down the tasks that you would be performing with the help of a particular gadget. Once you have a clear idea of why you need a particular gadget, list down the functionalities that are required in the gadget to ensure that you get the job done. Lastly, create the main budget for the gadgets that you want to buy and then allocate this budget to different gadgets. After the budget is fixed, look for the brands that tick off the maximum functionalities that you have listed down. With this, you can be sure that you have picked the best product for your graphic design work within a budget. If you are a student, you can also see if any student discount code is available to purchase the gadgets at a discounted rate. After having all the gadgets, all that a graphic designer needs to do is start working on their project.