Top 5 ID Card Printing Software on the Market 2021

We can not stress enough that no one should skimp one bit on the software when it comes to ID cards. 

It can dictate how good the card is going to look when it is printed out. And as you know, if the printed version looks unprofessional, it will not make a good first impression.

Good software also offers higher flexibility, which can also help you and your company stay protected from malicious intruders. That being said, we did a good amount of research in finding the top 5 ID card printing software on the market. 

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So, you will not have to worry about spending your valuable money and get something that is average at best if you read through this entire article.

Top 5 ID Card Printing Software

We tested out all of the software that had higher overall reviews and ratings. And among them, we selected the five that offered access to sophisticated editing options and higher overall flexibility. They are:


In terms of offering things that will help to get the best overall print and keeping things simple, in our opinion, nothing can beat EasyBadge. The name gives it all away; operating this software will feel like a child’s play. It has a user-friendly UI, and there are tons of intuitive designs that you can select.

Even though the UI is straightforward and pretty easy to operate, you might require some technical help. 

Well, that is where their support team is going to step in. They have a 24/7 support feature, which you can use whenever you get stuck with something. And the team usually handles stuff quickly and efficiently.

That is not all! It boasts a creator wizard that can make the task of making ID cards a piece of cake. You can customize, choose from a broad range of pre-made designs, and make sophisticated-looking ID cards, which will not only state information but also going to look highly professional.

In addition to that, there is an EasyBadge App. Due to that, we did not have to go through the hassle of transferring photos to and from the software. And we believe you will have a similar experience with it as well. Also, it is compatible with most card printers.


CardExchange Producer

Another amazing printing software that we have got your hands on is the CardExchang Producer. This one also focuses on the user experience and tries to make the whole operational process as hassle-free as possible. However, there are several versions available for this software.

The Go version will allow you to design the ID card in a step-by-step process. But there is a catch. It will limit you to five designs. The second version is the Professional Edition.

 It will uplift the limit and offer you the ability to connect to the MS databases. And that will eventually offer you more flexibility.

Finally, there is a Premium version. This is the version that we would recommend. It opens up the gate to save as many card designs as you want. 

Also, it is possible to print the cards in different sizes. There are other good features as well.

That being said, if you are looking for something that has full encoding capability, the professional version should be your pick. It offers the option to encode the access control. Also, it has a feature where the software can auto-crop the face. And it will use advanced face recognition technologies for being highly reliable.



Even though EasyBadge and BadgeMaker might sound like the same thing, they are not the same software. Instead, it is an alternative to that. This has one thing that EasyBadge lacks, which is the ability to issue ID cards properly.

Wondering what benefit will that bring? 

Well, if you are running a company. It will let you manage all of the ID information properly. There will be no need to go through a countless number of rows just to find one specific ID.

The Start version has to offer three different car designs. However, its database has the ability to hold up to 201 records. And that number is not small by any means. 

On that note, the advanced version will offer you unlimited access to card designs. Also, it will lift up the limit of database storage.

In addition to that, the advanced option also offers the ability to set the number of add-ons. And those add-ons include encoding, connect, and share.


Magicard TurstID V4

Yes, we know that the name Magicard TrustID is not as fancy or as techy as the ones above sounded like. 

But the software has a lot of tricks under its sleeves, especially the V4. The previous versions are not that good. So, if you are looking into this software, the V4 would be the one to go.

But what does the V4 has to offer? The main goal of the software is to make the process of printing and making an ID card feel as effortless as possible. 

For that reason, the developers are working hard in offering intuitive card designs. And you will find new and easy to work with design with each update.

Additionally, it also sports features to make printing and integrating databases easier.


Datacard ID Works

This one has a sophisticated identification process. And the best thing about this software is that it can work seamlessly with the Datacard printers.

There are four different versions. But the standard version is more than enough. AIt has all of the advanced features, including the card wizard design. The database management system is also well ahead of most of the average software that is out there.


Final Words

Now that you know all about the top 5 ID card printing software on the market, hopefully, choosing one that is worthy of the money will not be difficult. 

To make it easier, we can assure you that no matter which one you pick, you are sure to have a user-friendly experience and proper control over the printing.