Top 5 SEO Trends to Know in 2021

As Google comes up with a new algorithm every other day, SEO trends keep on changing every year. And if you are a webmaster, keeping up with the trends is not an option but rather a necessity. Now, there is no denying that applying SEO trends feels a lot like taking a chance at an online casino to get True Blue no deposit bonus 2021 because there are so many websites jostling for space on that first page. However, if you take the right steps and apply the correct strategies in keeping with the latest algorithms, finding a place on that first page of Google isn’t too difficult.

Two Structured Datasets In Video SEO 

Clip Markup and Seek Markup are the two structured datasets that Google has newly launched. It helps videos to come up on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) with its key moments. Though now this feature is offered only for YouTube videos, it will gradually be extended to include all platforms that host videos. Clip Markup tells Google manually about the timestamps in the videos, and Seek Markup is the automated way to get it communicated to Google. You need these two markups if you aim to raise the clickthrough rates in videos. 

Clip Video Markups 

You need to manually inform Google about the label and timestamp to utilize when showing the key points in the video. The information has to get embedded into the Video Object elements of the structured data by the inclusion of the required properties. 

Seek Video Markups 

Seek Video Markup is way more straightforward. It informs Google about the way a URL structure works such that Google can show the moments automatically for your video through the use of specific properties mentioned in the VideoObject. 

Improve Your Ranks By Taking MUM Into Account 

Google is trying to use advanced Artificial Intelligence to improve the quality of results on offer. RankBrain and BERT were the biggest steps in that direction. The search engine has now come up with something called the MUM (Multitask United Model). It is a new Natural Language Processing Model that is at least 1000 times better than BERT. MUM combines various aspects of search queries to understand user intent and emotions and offer accurate results. Here’s what you can expect to see and do: 

  • Offer specific answers on your page because that’s what Google is searching for.
  • More zero-click results on your search and results that are closer to queries. 
  • Google derives data from the knowledge graph that exists on every site. 
  • Longform content goes to the top since they are a single source of knowledge that can offer all the details that the users are looking for. 
  • Do not pay heed to keyword stuffing. Pay more attention to natural content that can touch the pain points of your readers. 

The New Algorithm Called Passage Indexing 

Google’s latest announcement is about an algorithm known as Passage Indexing. It can be a major game-changer for anyone who keeps writing long-form content that does not drive traction. As per Google, it’ll use natural language processing to index web pages and understand the actual meaning of every passage on a page. It means that a specific passage covered in an article will come up on the search results now for pertinent search queries even when it remains buried in the vastness of primary topics. 

Experts say that passage indexing will end up affecting seven percent of the search queries in every language by this year. You would remember that similar announcements were made for BERT in 2018, which will impact ten percent of the search queries. At present, BERT is useful in offering results for each search query that users enter. So, you need to divide your content into sections and discuss each subtopic within a section. Think of this move as using free pokies in a casino – it needs not much effort but earns you a good amount. 

The Use of Core Web Vitals For Mobile Searches 

Google wants webmasters to offer a better user experience at all times. Starting from May 2021, core web vitals will be an important factor to consider for delivering a better user experience for mobile searches. So, it is going to join the group of the current page experience features, like safe browsing, HTTPS, mobile-friendliness, and intrusive interstitials for determining page ranking. As such, core web vitals refer to three main page experience metrics that offer data to Google regarding the user experience delivered by web pages. 

  • Largest Contentful Paints 
  • First Input Delays 
  • Cumulative Layout Shifts 

It is better to stay away from utilizing heavy images and other external elements in the AMP because that can impact the score of the core web vitals. Also, it’s better to have activated AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) on your pages to save yourself from any hassle. Google says that the pages with activated AMP are naturally compliant to core web vitals. 

Pay Attention to the User and the Search Intent 

You will have to prioritize user behaviour and search intent of the query over all else in 2021. Both of these factors are constantly changing. When businesses can understand exactly what the users are looking for and offer them the kind of content that answers such questions, the users benefit as much from it as the businesses. SEO experts need to let go of the traditional practices that are no longer relevant and start paying more attention to search intent. Paying attention to the search queries lets businesses deliver content that the online audience wants to see. 

The idea is simple. If you want to ace SEO in 2021, you will need to be great at understanding the user and offering them the right information. Search intent is all about the finer nuances. For instance, the user who is searching for “Labrador food prices” does not have the same intent as someone looking for “what does a Labrador eat?” You will have to structure your content according to this. 


And that’s it! These are the top five SEO trends that you need to keep in mind for 2021. Apply the newfound knowledge to your webpages now, and you will see the difference in ranking shortly. You can put your own spin on these tips now and measure the results.