Top Hardware for Students in 2021


After 2020, we can still think about new trends and technologies. And it’s not surprising! Mankind can overcome all difficulties by using progress. Life changes rapidly, even faster than technology. We’ve already learned that our business, work, and communication can be significantly improved with the help of technology. So, let’s lighten up the hardware trends that can make a difference in 2021.


Variety of laptops

Today, many people work from home. And so, the growth of demand for laptops is expected. They have become irreplaceable, crucial for education, communication, and entertainment. To meet the users’ needs and expectations, the newest models of laptops surely provide a better performance, extended battery life, better cameras & microphones, and weigh lighter. The leaders amongst the best ones are Dell XPS 13, Asus ZenBook 13, Apple MacBook Pro, Microsoft Surface Pro 7, and Apple MacBook Air 2020.


Good news from Intel

New CPU and GPU products and innovations have been announced. There are three processors for different purposes:

  • Rocket Lake for desktops
  • Tiger Lake vPro for laptops
  • Ice Lake for servers

The first two options are great for students. From work and study purposes to gaming and communication, they provide excellent performance for all occasions.


New graphics cards from NVIDIA

Many users have high expectations from NVIDIA in 2021. The company is going to release RTX 3060 and RTX 3080 Ti cards in April 2021. The demand for their graphic cards is very excessive. Within the last few months, it has only grown. The only question we have is how soon NVIDIA will satisfy it!


AMD novelties

It looks like AMD’s plan for 2021 is way too big. The desktop CPU based on Zen 3 architecture was released in February 2021. The fastest in the game and work, it’s a must for college students just as best essay writing services. The service investigates and rates different writing companies in order to help customers to find the best services online.


Apple is on top of a high-speed connectivity

Apple has released 5G iPhones. Thus, it will not take much time to see the new models of phones with 5G support. Naturally, the laptop and tablet will keep pace in the race. Hopefully, we will enjoy the benefits of high-speed connectivity in 2021. Imagine how fast you may get on and find many writing samples within a few seconds!


5G network

Verizon has launched the fifth generation of wireless technology. Doesn’t it look like the future of the world? The further expansion of this network will be predictably fast and worldwide. However, it seems that this company isn’t going to stop there. They are already working on the overwhelming possibilities of the Internet of Things (IoT) devices and the 5G network merge.


IoT trends for students 2021

Study-from-home is a new reality for students. While studying remotely, they can expect to get more apps designed to help them manage their day. From automated scheduling and calendar tools to interactive video conferencing and virtual meeting technology, their list goes on. The ongoing pandemic has accelerated the number of “virtual visits” or online conferences.

Final Thoughts

It’s not hard to predict that the situation with the global coronavirus pandemic speeds up new hardware trends. The excessive demand for new products pushes companies to come up with more and more new, high-tech, unique technologies. As work is already in progress, we can expect the invasion of new models of laptops, additional hardware components, wireless headsets, and other novelties.


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