Top-Rated Gaming Phones for GamStop Users

It has not been long since smartphones have started dominating the gaming and gambling world. They have been the major driving factors in the recent boom in the iGaming world. With a smart screen, touch features, and excellent game collection in the App and Google play store; mobile gaming is handy, portable, less time-consuming, and way more fun.

Now, which ones do you consider as the crème-de-la-crème gaming smartphones?


Smartphones such as Asus ROG Phone 5, Nubia Red Magic 5G, Lenovo Legion Phone Duel, Black Shark 3, and Razer Phone 2 are designed with gaming as its main purpose. They have various game-centric features such as cooling systems, high refresh rates, and touch-sensitive trigger mechanisms. These upgraded features make these phones ideal gaming smartphones.

Below, we have listed all your options. They are ranked from the best to the worst gaming phones using which GamStop users can play on their favourite online casinos with non GamStop free spins bonuses and other promotions. You’ll find smartphones designed especially for gamers at the top and standard ones rank below.

  1. Asus ROG Phone 5

Asus ROG Phone 5, the upgraded version of Asus ROG Phone 3 is the best gaming phone that you can find in this market. Its remarkable features, design, and software – everything intensifies your gameplay experience. This handset might be pretty expensive but the game-centric features which appeal to the gamers are worth the money. Take a look:

  • Big display screen
  • Dual front-facing speakers
  • 6,000mAh battery.
  • 65W fast charging lets the phone charge 100% from 0% within an hour.
  • The power obtained from the Snapdragon 888 chipset along with the 16 GB RAM is absolutely legendary.
  • 300Hz touch sampling rate and 144Hz screen refresh rate have made Asus ROG Phone 5 an ideal gaming smartphone.
  • Accessories such as the RGB lights and responsive shoulder buttons are also appealing features of this smartphone.


  1. Lenovo Legion Phone Duel

The model is the first-ever 5G gaming phone designed by Lenovo Company. All the features of this top-notch smartphone are aligned keeping in mind the requirements of a great gaming experience.

The smartphone comes with 90W fast charging and a long-lasting battery that will impress you without a doubt. The top processor, great display, top specs, and landscape mode optimized gaming software makes Lenovo Legion Phone Duel a great option for GamStop users!

  1. Nubia Red Magic 5G

First, to have a 144Hz screen, Nubia Red Magic 5G is an ideal gaming smartphone. Its features are not restricted to having HD resolution and a smooth screen refresh rate. It also has some really cool game-centric features such as –

  • Snapdragon 865 CPU
  • A customizable ‘Game Space’ which lets you alter your gaming adventure according to your needs.
  • A ‘4D’ shock feature that enhances your gameplay experience.
  • A liquid cooling system
  • Supports 5G and has the best storage and battery life.


  1. Black Shark 3

Looking for the best Xiaomi gaming smartphones? Black Shark 3 is the coolest one among them with a bold theme and top-notch specs. This phone is relatively big in size with bold LED lights adorning it.

The front and rear cameras are of high quality, and the low-light settings are amazing! The screen refresh rate being 90Hz is an insignificant downside of this gaming phone. This gaming phone also uses Snapdragon 865 CPU which enhances its performance.

  1. Razer Phone 2

Released in October of 2018, this is the successor of the first gaming-specific phone designed by Razer. The second version of the Razon smartphone has upgraded its features to the Snapdragon 845 chip and has chosen a glass back setting to assist wireless charging. As its cooling mechanism, the phone has a vapour chamber in it that activates itself while you’re gaming.

This phone is solely meant for gamers. The cameras are not that outstanding. But, the 8GB ram size, the chipset, awesome speakers, high battery life, and 120Hz screen refresh rate make this a superior choice for GamStop users.


There are also smartphones that appeal to gamers and non-gamers alike – mostly because they are not made with a one-track gaming mindset. OnePlus 9 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro also do an amazing job to live up to their reputation.

If you are a casual gamer, then you can go for these ones rather than the hard-core game-specific ones. With their ultra-high-definition display and hyper-touch features, these smartphones are the trailblazers in this industry.