Top Studying and Job-related Websites for Students

Technology continues to influence our lives especially for students with most education and job website tailored to meet their needs. In the comfort of your room, you can attend classes, get educational material, and apply for a job. All you need is your device, internet, and the tips below and you are good to go.

Best websites for students for educational purposes

Academic websites serve three integral functions in a student’s life. They provide online education for those who cannot access them physically and provide reading material for those who can. Finally, some websites offer online writing services that help students with their studies. If you are asking yourself which website is perfect for you then you are in the right place. Below are some of the best websites for college students.

Life Hacker is a transformational site for students that provide them with general information on how to tackle everything. They are here to help you do everything better by providing tips and tricks on every aspect of your life. As students, you need every help you can get to make life easier especially when studying. You might need revising, assignment, trouble sleeping, and any other hacks that can help you achieve your educational goals.

Do you find yourself watching when you should be studying? The study website above provides you with a chance to watch in place of books by providing you with educational videos. Instead of the large and complicated science material, you can now watch a video on the same and gain better insight. It is the simplest and easiest way to study without putting pressure on you.


Some students have a hard time with the writing process while others have to work to pay college fees. Online writing services offer you affordable and reliable papers written from scratch and edited to perfection. Use essay writing help today and guarantee yourself the best grades. You can also be sure of handing in your work before the deadline and open communication from their support team.

Time management is central to the success of any student that is why the academic days are full of alarms, apps, and timers. The website for students is handy because it will help you go to bed early and wake up in time. The website is a good studying partner as it keeps an eye on your sleeping cycle for you. It then advises you on what time to sleep so that you can get quality rest and still wake up on time.

EdX is the highest-ranked of all the educational websites for students offering a wide range of courses from reputable institutions. It is the quickest way for you to learn new skills and qualifications in any field you want. If you are asking yourself where you can learn free then EdX is home to several courses with zero charges.

Coursera is an online course provider that prides itself on providing professional skills. Certificates from the website are reputable because they collaborate with legit institutions such as Stanford. If you are looking to further your studies or gain skills in a particular subject then this is the place for you.


Are you a Master’s student or a professional with a busy schedule? Worry no more because DissertationBro will work on your paper for you. The company has professionals who know all desertification requirements and will provide you with a perfect paper in time for your graduation. All you have to request is “write my dissertation for me” and you will not be disappointed. They have experts who promise to deliver quality work on time.

Have you ever heard of healthy brain food for studying?  Yes, some meals boost your mood, memory retention, and generally help you study. Recipe Puppy will provide you with recipes to come up with delicious healthy dishes that will contribute to your studying. It is also helpful for culinary students taking cooking classes and those students who just love it as a hobby.

Best websites for students for job perspectives

Job seeking has revolutionized from physical to online resumes and even the creative use of search engines. Websites are now one of the most efficient ways of finding a job today. They are beneficial for you as a job seeker and even the employer when posting vacancies. The best job search sites have the following characteristics:

  • They are searchable in all engines
  • They are easy to use
  • They provide you with a wide range to choose from
  • They allow you to key in details of the type, location, and others


Indeed is by far the most efficient job search website around offering millions of job listings. The site allows you the chance to search for a job to your satisfaction. What sets Indeed apart from the rest is:

  • They allow you to create, edit and post your resume
  • You are free to set up job alerts and apply for jobs
  • They allow you to use the website or their phone application
  • You can go through thousands of reviews on the website


Online resume writing services also come in handy for job seekers because they save the time and stress of coming up with application documents. They can edit what you already have or come up with the documents from scratch incorporating everything required by the employer.  By ordering resume services from you are sure of receiving a professional resume that will make you employable.


Ranked as the largest professional website, the site can connect you to people in your and other fields increasing your chances of employment. A strong LinkedIn profile can get you noticed by a potential employer. If you do not know how to come up with one online resume writing services can create a perfect one for you. The job search site allows you:

  • To network with professionals
  • Create contacts
  • Search for employment
  • Highlight your qualifications

At all you have to do is upload, your resume and the job site automatically connect you to an employer. The site uses Artificial Intelligence to match you with relevant companies in your field. The website guarantees you an audience with all potential employers according to your qualifications.

Concisely, for student and job seekers websites are useful and make lives easier if you land on the most effective ones. They improve your chances of graduating top of your class and getting a lucrative job. If utilized well the sites elevate your stress and make your life better and easier as they save you a lot of time.