Top Wireless Gaming Mouse for Avid Gamers

If you thought you were the most avid gamer, the 2021 video gaming statistics are here to shock you. There are about 3.24 billion gamers worldwide, with Asia carrying the most at 1.48 billion gamers in the continent. It seems a significant figure, right? So whether you are simply playing your favourite game or trying to take advantage of some Australian no deposit bonus, it sounds good to equip yourself with the best gaming mouse. PC games feel a lot more comfortable with a practical mouse, plus it gives you a competitive edge when playing with the best, and that’s where we want to help.

We’ve played hundreds of games and did multiple tests with different mice. Finally, our interest got drawn to wireless mice, so stay with me if you want to know the top wireless gaming mouse for avid gamers. So, here they are!

  1. Logitech G502 Lightspeed Wireless Mouse
  2. Razer Viper Wireless Gaming Mouse
  3. Logitech G704 Wireless Mouse
  4. Roccat Kone Pro Air
  5. Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro SE
  6. Razer Death Adder V2 Pro

Logitech G502 Lightspeed Wireless Mouse

Logitech is a long-standing gaming mouse brand that tops our list of the best wireless gaming mice in 2021. The Logitech G502 model comes as an iteration of the brand’s G502 Proteus Spectrum that takes pride in the PowerPlay technology. Logitech G502 wireless mouse employs the same technology and guarantees users over 40 hours of gaming on a single charge. All thanks to the PowerPlay charging mouse pad. You will love this mouse’s hero sensor that has a maximum DPI of 25,600.

The device provides gamers with a high level of flexibility with its six removable weights that allow users to customize the feel. Additionally, it features 11 programmable buttons that give you a complete setup. However, on the downside, Logitech G502 Lightspeed is only a right-hand mouse, plus you have to purchase the wireless charging mouse pad separately.

Razer Viper Wireless Gaming Mouse

One significant feature that sets it apart from the top mouse is its ambidextrous nature and battery life. It features a low-latency wireless connection of 0.2 ms that is quite dependable. It will serve you as fast as a wired mouse. The battery will help you up to 70 hours on a single charge. You do not have to buy a charging device separately as it comes with its charging dock.

It is a great gaming mouse that feels right in the hand with its tactile scrolling wheel and rubber grips. It has eight programmable buttons and a 20,000 DPI optical sensor, giving you the speed and precision you need for a smooth gaming experience. The mouse is only 76 grams in weight.

This mouse has not much downside, but the mouse buttons may feel a bit flimsy due to their lightweight. The programmable buttons are also fewer compared to other wireless mice that fall within its price range.

Logitech G704 Wireless Mouse

G704 qualifies to be the perfect mouse for gamers enjoying some free pokies online and for daily use. It’s a 95 grams gaming mouse, adjustable to weigh 10 grams more if it feels too lightweight. You slot in via the compartment at the bottom of the mouse. It’s a tall mouse with large-sized buttons, ideal for palm grippers. It also includes a smooth scroll wheel and a large-sized DPI adjuster of 16,000 and six programmable buttons.

The newest version of the mouse comes with an impressive Hero 25K sensor and a good battery life of 48 hours. It’s a mouse designed with comfort in mind, but it lacks RGB lighting relatively.

Roccat Kone Pro Air

Roccat is a one-of-a-kind gaming mouse that comes with unique features to distinguish it from the rest. First, it lacks a DPI adjuster but has seven programmable buttons and a switch fixed on its underside to switch between Bluetooth connectivity and the 2.4 GHz. Second, the mouse allows you to create up to six different profiles using the Swarm application instead of the DPI adjuster button. The application carries the sensors, button functions, and light settings.

The mouse weighs 75 grams and has a comfortable design with a new shape that makes it quite loveable. It delivers sports feel, and its battery can support all-day gaming. Ten minutes of charging will give you five hours of gaming, a capability owed to its rapid-charge feature. However, the mouse is mainly designed with right-handers in mind.

Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro SE

Corsair Dark Core is a great gaming mouse option to buy because of its perfect price point and battery life. You will rarely find a wireless gaming mouse that serves you for 4-5 days straight before you drain the battery. In addition, it comes with a Qi wireless charging mouse pad, an 18,000 DPI, and eight adjustable buttons. Also noteworthy is the 2,000Hz hyper-polling technology.

The mouse may not feel great if you have smaller hands since it is weighty, plus the surface is a little textured. However, the speed and accuracy that it provides in gaming are worth persevering. On the downside, the mouse is a bit large, plus the texture may feel a little awkward on your hands. In addition, its palm grip could turn some avid gamers off.

Razer Death Adder V2 Pro

Razer has a series of wireless and wired mice, but the Death Adder V2 Pro is its best iteration and the best gaming headset you can have from the brand. The mouse comes with a stylish and super-comfy design, ideal for an excellent all-day gaming experience. It doesn’t feel quite hard on your hands with its 88 grams weight, and its DPI is 20,000. You will love its hyper-speed wireless technology that connects you to your PC latency-free, while the battery allows you up to 70 hours of gaming.

On the downside, the mouse will require you to find a proprietary USB cable for charging, plus its ergonomics are right-handed.


Video gaming is meant to feel great, but this is not always the experience for many gamers. While one of the common reasons you may fail to feel the game is if you are a newbie, you could simply be missing the point in your choice of the mouse. There are distinct mouse varieties, and the wireless options are by far the best you can have. You do not need to keep close to your PC or keep the mouse on the desk. They provide you with more flexibility to help you enjoy the game, and that’s an added reason to get one. Besides, which avid gamer wouldn’t want to spend a few dollars and be on the competitive edge?

Luckily, we provided you with an expert list of the best wireless gaming mice for avid gamers. You can try any of our top picks, but the Logitech G502 Lightspeed Wireless Mouse is our best bet.