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‏Financing a gaming project is one of the most important things you can do to get the project off the ground and into the hands of investors. ‏‏

Call of Cthulhu is a Lovecraftian horror survival game developed by Cyanide and Saber Interactive. The main character is a Boston-based investigator named ‏ ‏Edward Pierce‏ ‏ ‏ ‏who is suffering from a severe lack of cases to solve. He hasn’t been able to get as many cases as he would like and is given an assignment about a missing daughter and a painting that allegedly drives people insane. Along the way to discovering who the killer to the daughter would be, the main character Pierce has to defeat several monsters along the way. ‏

‏The game uses wits, strategy, and sleuthing to get past even the monsters in the game. The player is not given a gun but is only given light sources to guide him through the many dark underground corridors. Because of these parameters, it can be very difficult to defeat many of the monsters that Pierce must face. Most of the time, the best way to defeat any of these creatures is to plan and move in such a way as to avoid confrontation of any kind altogether. ‏

‏This may seem counterintuitive to most gamers because most monsters demand to be defeated head-on with assault attacks, quick thinking, and some kind of weapon or magical power to assist the player to defeat the creature. Not so in the case of Call of Cthulhu. One must outwit the already clever monsters and do so quickly since the creatures move very fast. It seems that with these sorts of creatures it takes a long time to get out of a situation with these creatures because it takes a lot of patience for the creature to move to another side of the room so Pierce can hide. There is a lot of hiding in this game. Again, not a very intuitive approach, but it is how the game is designed. ‏

‏Besides monsters, Call of Cthulhu really requires a less than direct approach with all of the issues and challenges in the game. It’s more common to find a gamer having to stop in a certain section to figure things out, which really makes the game unique in a lot of respects because the gamer is not always having to fight off some rabid beast with a gun or any kind of weapon but rather having to use wit and intellect to solve a lot of the problems in the game. It is also important to note that Pierce acquires different kinds of skills throughout his time in the game. One of those skills is knowledge of the Occult, but it is also medical knowledge, people skills, and a variety of other skills as he navigates his way around the investigation. This makes the game a lot more interesting in terms of scope because the gamer does not have to think about using the button strategy, such as hitting certain buttons in a certain sequence to kill an enemy. Evasion tactics seem the most important way of getting out of a tricky situation in most cases and it makes the game much more interesting that way because the gamer must use their wits to get the job done. Overall Call of Cthulhu is pretty unique in terms of survival games, and it comes off as more of a sleuthing detective puzzle game with a lot of difficult intellectual challenges to overcome and in that regard, it can be a very unique game in and of itself for gamers who like a little bit more mental challenge than most games offer. This is especially true in the investigative aspect of the game.