What Are the Best Mechanical Keyboards For Gamers in 2021?

The rapidly growing eSports sector is driving the market for advanced hardware when it comes to gaming. Competitive gaming is expected to be worth $1.8 billion by 2022, and its influence on the industry as a whole is only going to get stronger. Just as aspiring football players want to wear the same boots as Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi, budding eSports players will be looking into getting the same hardware as pro gamers like Faker and N0tail. One of the biggest trends has been the advocating of mechanical keyboards over membrane devices.

Why do Pro Gamers Opt For Mechanical Over Membrane?

Membrane keyboards offer a smoother typing experience than mechanical offerings, and one of the biggest benefits is that dirt can’t slip into any of the cracks. This is because the keys are all connected on a smooth surface, and are not separated individually. This may be a great option for people who use keyboards for typing, but it doesn’t suit gamers, as there is less accuracy when pressing the buttons on a membrane device.

Mechanical keyboards are the undisputed items of choice for pro gamers because of the precise clicking they offer. It would be disastrous if a player pressed the wrong button in the midst of an intense competition, so players need to minimize the chances of this happening. The other main feature that appeals to the experts is that there are usually strong suites of macro keys. These allow players to prepare in advance and store in-game combos that they can quickly implement into their gameplay.


Decide Based on The Games You Play

Of course, the need for a mechanical keyboard is mainly based on the type of games you want to play. For games in which you need to have a high amount of pre-programmed buttons, it is essential. Having these keys in place can save vital seconds in the heat of an intense tournament.

However, certain games don’t require an advanced keyboard at all. For casual gamers, it may not be worth splashing out on the high-end mechanical options. For example, people who play casino games rarely find themselves needing to touch a keyboard. Instead, when spinning the reels on options like Rainbow Riches or The Wizard of Oz, players simply have to click the mouse. The same can be said when playing other casino games like American Roulette or Three Card Poker.

There are some eSports that can be played without an advanced keyboard as well. Fantasy card games like Hearthstone and Magic: The Gathering are two examples of competitive titles that only require a mouse. When deciding whether to invest the money into a high-tech mechanical keyboard, players need to carefully consider what type of game they are going to spend the most time playing.


The Top Hardware in 2021

Razer continues to sit at the top table when it comes to gaming hardware in 2021. The BlackWidow Tournament Edition Chroma V2 is one of the best compact gaming keyboards on the market, and it is specifically designed for eSports players. Some of the key features of this piece of kit include the Razer mechanical switches, the ergonomic wrist rest, and the instant trigger technology. The company claims that this is the fastest design it has ever produced, meaning that it is ideal for high-level tournament play.

A slightly cheaper option is the Logitech G Pro keyboard, which has also been well-received in the world of competitive gaming. This is an attractive device with GX Blue clicky switches, and a compact “tenkeyless design.” It is also programmable, meaning that gamers can fully prepare their action keys in advance of a major tournament. The company listened to the advice of pro gamers in designing this, and the keyboard reflects what they are looking for.

When deciding on the right keyboard to buy, you need to consider what your main use for it is. If you prefer to play mouse-click games and use the keyboard for typing, then a membrane option may be preferable. But if you use the keyboard for gaming and want to train like a professional, it would be wiser to choose a mechanical device.