When Love Meets Technology: How Does the Dating Industry Change with New Software Solutions?

The intersection of technology and dating is nothing new, but now a dating site for black singles uses the technological innovations that help easier to find like-minded people. Let’s see how are those innovations helping you.


Matchmaking Algorithm with AI

Matchmaking used to be inaccurate before the AI. Artificial intelligence helped us in so many ways in so many fields. The easier finding of potential matches on dating sites isn’t the most important thing AI does, but if it finds you a partner, you’ll feel like it is.


There is no magic about AI, it does what a human would do, just faster. A lot faster. Matchmakers used to read profiles to find potential partners with similar interests, likes, and dislikes. That’s why dating agencies kept you waiting for weeks. That won’t happen on modern dating sites. As soon as you finish creating your profile, AI will crawl it and present you with your matches.


Synchronous Video Chat

“Ahhh, finally, her letter came”

You don’t hear that anymore because nobody sends love-letters anymore. They are romantic, but they make no sense when synchronous video chat is available on good dating sites. Thanks to the technology you can now speak face-to-face with somebody who’s far away. That made long-distance relationships much easier to handle. A lot of couples live apart nowadays, but they feel (almost) like they’re together because of technology. Video chat might seem like nothing special for us now, but if you think about it – it’s one of the biggest benefits of the modern world.


Single Sign-On (SSO) to Make Logging into Multiple Services Simple

You’re probably using a lot of apps, platforms, social media, and so on… Imagine if you had to remember passwords for every one of them. And on top of that enter it every time you want to log in. Thanks to Single Sign-On, you can only imagine that horror.


SSO is responsible for “remembering” your login data, so you can just enter services you use frequently without worrying about passwords. Most dating sites nowadays have an SSO so you can register and log in using Google or Facebook. The SSO is potentially dangerous because if somebody gets your authentication data they can access every service you log in with that info. But as long as you’re careful with your personal information, everything will be fine.


VR for Fun

Synchronous video chat made long-distance relationships easier, but VR made them even better. Thanks to this innovation, partners can play like they’re in the same room without ever meeting in person. That made online dating services explode. VR lets you have fun even if you aren’t chatting with anybody on dating sites or you’re single.


3D Face Verification for Safety

Face recognition used as a safety measure evolved a lot in the last couple of years. 2D face verification showed to be inferior to 3D face verification because it uses older algorithms and fewer facial characteristics. Because of that, 3D face verification is much better when it comes to safety. It can’t be fooled by a photo, so unless somebody has a 3D print of your face – they won’t be able to unlock your devices with 3D verification. That gives a feeling of safety, so dating site users are more open and don’t hesitate to send photos anymore.


We’re living in a world full of technology. We can either fight it and suffer or embrace its benefits and enjoy it. The 5 mentioned technological innovations make online dating safer and more exciting than ever. Try it out, you won’t regret it.