Will A Website Help Boost Your Twitch Channel?

Like most online social platforms, Twitch started out simple. Primarily used by gamers, it gave experts the opportunity to share their gaming experience with a community. However, over the years its purview has widened significantly. Musicians, YouTubers, and many other types of creatives all use Twitch to build an interactive audience.


As Twitch has grown bigger, it has become increasingly lucrative for channel owners. With adverts, sponsors, and affiliate links, Twitch creators can make thousands of dollars every month. With a growing audience comes the incentive to create a website. This does not need to take much time or energy – using a site like Wix with readymade templates will do the job. But will it make a difference?


Twitch is such a great platform because of how self-contained it can be. You don’t technically need any other forms of media. However, having a website is important for anyone making money online.


There are a number of reasons a website will help boost your Twitch channel.


Instant legitimacy


When you look up someone you think is a celebrity online, you probably make a snap judgment on how famous they are based on whether or not they have a Wikipedia page. Without a Wikipedia entry, you assume that they are still small fry.


Having a website as a Twitch streamer is obviously not as significant as having a Wikipedia page. But it does show people that you exist outside of your channel. Anyone can start streaming on Twitch, but a gamer who has a website has more legitimacy in people’s minds.


This isn’t just some marketing trick either. A website is a real indication of how seriously you take your career. A Twitch creator who has no other online presence looks like just another person who is trying their luck on a popular platform.


Making money


We all know that you can make really good money on Twitch if you’re able to build a big audience. You technically don’t need anything but your channel. However, a website opens up a lot of doors for you when it comes to profiting from your Twitch career.


On a website, you can more easily sell merch. You can include affiliate links to products your audience might enjoy, with space to truly sell the idea. You also make yourself more visible to potential sponsors.


A website gives people a way to contact you outside of Twitch, making it easier for you to branch out into lucrative income streams that aren’t directly related to your channel.


Writing a blog


One of the most alluring aspects of Twitch is just how interactive it is. You’re not just monologuing into a camera as you would on a site like YouTube. But this can be limiting as well. People start expecting everything you say to be up for discussion before you get to truly express yourself.


On your website, you can write a blog about anything and everything. You can include all the ideas you just don’t have space to speak about on Twitch. You can come up with more coherent thoughts and feelings about a subject before putting them down in writing and sharing them with the world.


A blog will help you feel like your Twitch career is truly yours, and will give you more freedom to express yourself creatively.


Consolidating your community


Building a community on Twitch is obviously your primary goal. The thing is that the more third-party spaces you use to consolidate it, the more secure your community becomes. On a website, you can prompt people to sign up for a newsletter. You can then use this newsletter to point your community towards all the content they may have missed.


This also gives subscribers the sense that they are not just random individuals who show up sometimes when you’re online. Rather, they are participants in a community you share.


In order to further consolidate this, ask your followers to share their own ideas and content that you can then include in your newsletter. By asking people to participate in your creative process, you are ensuring that they feel invested in the community.


Finding new community members


Finally, it is important to remember that not everyone who might want to follow you uses Twitch. Twitch has fifteen million users active every single day. But there are millions more who either don’t know about Twitch or haven’t bothered to look into it.


A website provides a landing page for people interested in gaming who haven’t yet started using Twitch regularly. They may decide to use it more to follow your channel, and even if they don’t, they may want to keep track of what you share on your website and in your newsletter.


A website can help you boost your Twitch channel. It consolidates your audience and provides you more space to fully express yourself.