WordPress Spam and What to Do About It

For a website owner, automatically generated comments are a red flag. Spambots are not just annoying. Their activities erode the credibility and ratings of the sites they target. WordPress platforms are vulnerable to different types of cyberattacks. Discover what damage may be done, and how to prevent it.

Cyber defense is evolving, but hackers are also polishing their techniques. A great example of protection is the anti spam plugin WordPress described on https://cleantalk.org/wordpress-anti-spam-plugin as it prevents all kinds of interference. You do not even need to change your website code to use it. Here is how to counteract spam in 2021.

What Spam Can Do

Comments left by bots are harmful to your website’s ratings, reputation, and revenue. They can allow hackers to snatch your visitors’ data and promote their own site at the expense of yours. Here are some common scenarios.

  • Comments contain links to nefarious sites.
  • Bots fill out every single submission form, causing an overflow of data.
  • Emails left by spammers end up on mailing lists used by marketers.

Owners of WordPress sites may find spam in registration forms, comments, subscriptions, widgets, orders, bookings, etc., depending on the type of platform. This data slows loading, which is harmful to the user experience. Your Google ranking plunges, causing a loss of visibility. Analyzing traffic becomes pointless, as it is impossible to tell legit visitors from bots.

Spammers leave fake emails or addresses of real people. If these users receive emails from your marketing team, they will mark them as spam. Sending messages to fake addresses may also get your IP and domain blacklisted. Mass mailing is closely monitored by Mail Abuse Prevention Systems and Internet Service Providers. Some inactive addresses are also turned into spam traps.

Features to Look for

Advanced systems prevent all kinds of attacks, and they also check existing comments for spam. At the same time, they do not interfere with user experience. Your visitors will not have to struggle with the confusing CAPTCHA images and puzzles. Look for the following advantages:

  • strong protection against bots (over 99%);
  • easy installation and use;
  • accurate statistics;
  • 24/7 support;
  • a mobile app;
  • simultaneous protection of multiple sites on various CMS.

Effective tools guarantee a smooth experience for all visitors. This is crucial for SEO and the popularity of your site, as the number of registrations and comments will grow. Through a mobile app, you will have access to accurate statistics at a glance. Any sign-ups, orders, and other activities will be reflected in real-time.

The Bottom Line

Any WordPress site needs strong and multifaceted protection against spam coming through comments, forms, widgets, and other channels. Prevent bots from ruining your reputation and revenues. Install a powerful plugin for comprehensive defense and check your existing contact base to prevent blacklisting.