ADATA SU 800 512 GB 2.5″ SSD Review


In the age of growing technology, gone are the days where an SSD is a luxury. With how cheap SSDs are getting, they seem to me more of a necessity, at least for the boot drive. But what about general storage? Is it at all possible for the general consumer to move away from traditional mechanical drives? I’d say it more possible now than ever. With the launch of their SU800 2.5” SSD with 3D Nand Technology, and capacities up to 1 TB, I think ADATA would agree. However, with a market already dominated by a couple a big named companies, how does the SU800 hold up to the competition? We ran the SU800 through a number of benchmarks and stress tests. I’d like to that ADATA for making this review possible. Now, Let’s see how it did.


ADATA was founded in May 2001 as ADATA Technology Co., Ltd. They are committed to the best possible memory solutions on the market. The company’s dedication to integrity and professionalism has made ADATA the leading memory brand with the most award-winning product designs. ADATA offers complete memory solutions including DRAM modules, USB flash drives, memory cards, solid state drives and portable hard drives.

ADATA has won a number of the most recognized international awards including the National Silver Award of Excellence in Taiwan, Japan’s G-MARK (Good Design Award), CES Innovations Award in the U.S., the iF Design award, and the red dot design award in Germany.

About 3D NAND

3D NAND technology is a form of flash memory where memory chips are stacked on top of one another. The previous generation of NAND memory was 2D or planar NAND. 2D NAND used a single layer of memory chips. With 3D NAND, manufacturers can achieve much higher densities of memory at a lower cost per bit, in a small surface area. One disadvantage of 3D NAND is the higher cost of production. The layering process adds extra steps to the manufacturing process. However, 3D NAND can lower the cost per gigabyte, improve electrical use to reduce power consumption, boost reliability, and provide higher data write performance.

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