Aerocool PGS Vs-9 Value Mid Tower

Closer look at the exterior

We are not going to hide the fact that the Vs-9 does resemble that of many other cases on the market. This is understandable as the trend of today is the mesh front facial. I am sure the tide will turn and we see another trend that many will follow. But for now this is it. Even with the resemblance to other cases the Vs-9 does offer the PGS twist we have seen from the rest of the line-up.

The Vs-9 stands about seventeen inches off the floor and sits about twenty inches deep. This should be enough to allow the usage of today’s extra long video cards. Made of black 0.6 SECC metal and some plastic on the front the Vs-9 looks to be a very sturdy case.

For those that are looking for a lot of room for different types of drive and other front panel devices will be happy to know the Vs-9 have a total of nine external 5.25” drive bays. One of the larger bays can be adapted to a 3.5” with included components. The large number of drive bays is a good indication to the interior cooling which we will discuss in a few minutes. For external connectivity, Aerocool elected to go with two USB only. No eSATA or firewire on this model. But audio ports are included.

The Vs-9 does not offer any windowed side panel but the left side panel does have the holes punched out for the installation of two 12/14cm cooling fans. And these are not included with the case. Make sure you don’t throw away any of thse screws that come with your fans as yu will need them. The Vs-9 does not come with any.

 The top of the case does offer warm air generated by the internal components a way to escape. Two large 12/14cm cooling fans can be installed. But for the modders out there this is a nice place for a cut-off for a window. Or if you want to add a water-loop replacement for a dual radiator can be integrated here.

The rear of the Vs-9 offers placement that we have come accustom to seeing.  The top consist of a single 120mm cooling fan that is rated for 1500 RPM pushing 58 CFM of air all at 26 dBA. Underneath the fan are water-cooling tube inlet/outlets. The standard seven slot PCI expansion is available as well as the bottom mount power supply. Aerocool includes these two pull tab for making the removal of the side panels painless.

At the bottom of the case the Vs-9 uses four slide around feet to keep it stable. An individual 12/14cm fan can be placed on the bottom of the case as well. But is not included.

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