Aerocool Strike-X Front Panel Display


The process is really easy when it comes to the installation of the Strike-X since comes with all that is needed: there is a set of screws for mounting, jumper wire for the USB and audio, extensions cable for fans and the temperature probes. All that is required from the user are two empty 5.25” drive bays, possibly a screwdriver (if you don’t have tool-less bays) and a little time.



We tinkered with the Strike-X for a couple of days and I can say that it is really simple to use. You press area on the screen of the function you wish to change and use -/+ touch points to change the value; fans in 100 RPM increments. The touch screen is about as responsive as you can get. The only thing that I found was that for me, instead of using my fingertip to work the display, it is easier to use my fingernail. To indicate what you have selected and to make sure that is what you wanted, the onscreen option will blink.

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