Aerocool Strike-X Front Panel Display


The Strike-X continues Aerocool’s quest for giving the user the perfect front panel fan controller. The unit is very attractive and itches to be part of a gaming or enthusiast rig build. Black is the new beige when it comes to case color and the Strike-X fits right in. If the pre-assembled combination of red ‘X’ on black frame doesn’t fit your system color scheme, then it can easily be replaced with an included black ‘X’ instead.

The display of the Strike-X is bright, well lit, and very responsive. I found that having some fingernail made it easier to navigate around the screen. For those that have huge fingers no nails may find it a little more complicated. (Wish you had listened to your mother all those years when she told you to stop biting your nails now huh? :P)

The Strike-X also come with USB 2.0 and AC’97/HD audio jacks. Which is a nice addition, especially if the ones on the back of your case are inaccessible, or if you just want more USB ports on the front of your tower. And be it intentional or not, the fact that Aerocool placed the USB ports far apart was a good design choice. By doing so they don’t interfere with each other when populating both ports at the same time, such as the case with some fan controllers when you need to plug in two flash drives.

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