aLLreLi M515BU Gaming Mouse Review


From two buttons and a rubber ball that did more for collecting the dust off of your desk, than it did for moving your cursor, to marvels of the modern age, the humble mouse has come a long ways in the history of the personal computer. Many people spend hours a day with a hand on the mouse and never think twice about it as long as the cursor moves. Gamers on the other hand need just a little bit more, Okay, a LOT more. A few extra buttons, adjustable DPI, a comfortable shape that offers a good grip, and obviously, fast and accurate tracking that never miss a single pixel are the bare minimum.  Quality is also top of the list. A gamers’ worst nightmare is losing your mouse part way through a round, and good aesthetics is just icing of the cake. The aLLreLi M515BU Gaming Mouse has all of the above, so let’s dive in and see how it stacks up to the competition! We would like to thank aLLreli for sending the M515 Mouse to us to check out today!

aLLreLis’ take on the M515 Mouse

With the Super driver included in the aLLreLi Wired Gaming Mouse, you can customize the performance of the gaming mouse and automate key functions in your favorite games. Record macros for each of the six buttons and execute movements with just a click. The wired USB gaming mouse includes a total of six buttons that you can program to perform specific tasks in your favorite games. All 6 buttons are available for programming, so you can set up custom button configurations for five different memory mode.

Each gamer has their own unique preferences when it comes to game sensitivity, which is why the aLLreLi M515BU gaming mouse lets you choose the DPI that’s right for you. Choose from five DPI levels that are pre-installed on the M515 gaming mouse: 1000, 1750, 2500, 3500 or 4000. When do the DPI shift, there are 5 adjustable breathing LED light such as Red, Blue, Green, Purple or Yellow.

The aLLreLi M515BU High Precision Gaming Mouse is a state of the art gaming mouse that will change the way you game forever. Ergonomically designed, the M515 gaming mouse allows you to play for hours without experiencing cramping and fatigue in your fingers and wrists. The optical technology featured in the M515 gaming mouse ensures a smooth roll over the desktop, and the nylon braided cable with anti-interference magnet ring prevents creeping to guarantee that every move you make is one that you intended.

Ready to transform the way you game and dominate the competition in every scenario? You need more than just skill to make it to the top of the leaderboard and earn every achievement. You need the right gaming mouse to improve your response time and allow you to focus fully on the game, and the aLLreLi M515BU High Precision Wired Gaming Mouse is that perfect solution!

About ALLreLi

Established in 2004, Allreli has used the best parts and strict quality control to become a leading manufacturer of electronic products. Their portfolio includes a diverse line of products including gaming peripherals, voice recorders, data, power and audio cables, headphones and headsets, and an array of power and charging solutions. Their website states: “On top of the high quality, we also stand behind our products to provide great service. Our products may fail 1 in 1000, but our service will not. We strive to provide the best products and an amazing online shopping experience to every customer”, and the thousands of reviews on Amazon across their entire product line back that 100%.

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