aLLreli T9 Plus Mechanical Keyboard Review


Every gamer knows, you’re only as good as the buttons you press. The quality of your input peripherals can mean the difference between a rapid multi-key combo for the win, and a sticky keyed loss. To that end, the market has hundreds of choices of keyboards available, which look great on your battle station at home, but really don’t work well for the mobile gamer. Commuters and college goers for example, often have time on the ride to work or between classes to catch a round on their favorite game, but are faced with the challenge of trying to squeeze a win out of a cramped laptop keyboard. So what’s a mobile gamer to do? aLLreli just might have your answer with the T9 Plus single-handed mechanical gaming keypad. Follow us today as we check out the aLLreli T9 Plus.

We would like to thank aLLreli for sending the T9 Plus to us to check out. Let’s see if this is the piece of the mobile gamer puzzle you’ve been missing!

About ALLreli

Established in 2004, Allreli has used the best parts and strict quality control to become a leading manufacturer of electronic products. Their portfolio includes a diverse line of products including gaming peripherals, voice recorders, data, power and audio cables, headphones and headsets, and an array of power and charging solutions. Their website states: “On top of the high quality, we also stand behind our products to provide great service. Our products may fail 1 in 1000, but our service will not. We strive to provide the best products and an amazing online shopping experience to every customer”, and the thousands of reviews on Amazon across their entire product line back that 100%. 

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